- Its time to take this relationship to the NEXT level.


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- Its time to take this relationship to the NEXT level.

Perviously titled You could never satisfy My ASS
its still the same clip, nothing but the title was changed
***Cruel Intensions relation-shit:
Penis Humiliation-Break up, Placed in Chastity and Turned into a TOILET
Bossy Delilah is all dolled up and shes dropped by your place, for what youre thinking is going to be one long night of fun and fucking.
Turns out shes only stopping by to give you the news. Shes checked you out on the dates youve had with her and decided that your little penis in not nearly enough to satisfy her Ass. Nope, but Ive got one other option for you, she tells you-thats to become my full fucking toilet.
I take shits that are longer than your penis. The only way that youre going cum when Im around, is to eat my shit. Stripping off her tight sweater and sitting down and lighting up, you know whats coming next. To her word, Bossys shit is piled high. In fact, theres so much shit in her pile that if you lined up all the pieces end to end, itd stretch from the market where she buys her food, to her toilet seat where she serves her mud monsters.
As it turns out, Delilah has a heart. Youre tied up and in chastity and youre desperate to cum, but Bossy is thoughtful. She takes the key to your chastity device and shoves it into her pile of shit, deep into her pile of shit.
Dig your way to freedom, she says with a smile, then you can jerk off
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