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Exploitedcollegegirls.com- Whitney - Behind the Scenes

It_s a great day here at Exploited College Girls. 19 year old ASU cutie Whitney is shy, even innocent (looking) but boy does our little blond go the extra mile in the college slut department. She is a pleaser, brothers, and she does all this implies. There is probably more cock sucking both behind the scenes and in the full movie than at any other shoot before. You will really get to know and obsess about Whitney as you watch these movies. Whitney really wanted to break her good girl image and luckily I_m here to facilitate that today. Naked in the car? Check. Blowjob in the car? Check. Actually double-check. Fucked outdoors after taking some pics in public? Check Getting caught running around naked by the mail man? Check Roadhead? Check The list of goes on and on. It_s fuckig beautiful There_s lots of subtle mind fucking going on too. For example, check out Whitney_s facial expressions when I ask her to masturbate for the camera while I set up my gear upstairs. You can literally spot the moment reality sinks in and she realizes what she is in for. Priceless But don_t feel too bad for her, Whitney has a lot of fun too. She actually has a couple orgasms as I lick her pussy and ass (watch for the little jerks and her face tensing up. Ya can_t fake that shit). Whitney also really enjoys giving head so being the nice guy I am I let her have some fun with my cock at every opportunity. She does everything I want her too. EVERYTHING. I don_t even know where to begin, there_s so much going on in these videos. I choke her while I bang her super tight little pussy, gag her several times (tears), and of course make her lick my ass a bunch. Oh and there_s so much more. Toys, orgasms, huge cum load in her mouth, fucked so hard and long her pussy practically starts crying... so much, really. Let_s just say you_ll be very busy for a long time with the vids and photos. Your tissue supplier will be your new best friend, that_s for sure...
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