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You_ll want to block out the next 90 minutes and get rid of all distractions. This is one long ass movie. Why? Because Tiffany is fucking AWESOME. You_ll love her. Jay wants to get as much out of her as possible and I can_t blame him. I wish all girls were like her, honestly. I dare say a star is born here. This girl has personality plus, and I mean it. To give you an idea of how fun she is, after Jay plasters her face with his cum, she runs to the bathroom and instead of taking a shower and whining about it, she takes a picture of her cum covered face with her cell phone so that she can show it to her girlfriends later. THAT is Tiffany. We_re actually lucky to have her, she_s enrolled at U of A but currently back home visiting family. But as soon as she sent in her application (hilarious) I jumped on the phone and talked her into taking a break from spending time with mom and dad, and coming back out here to do her first porn movie with us. So glad I did. So Jay picks up Tiffany from the airport and right away her energy and attitude is contagious. She_s super excited about today but it takes a while until Jay gets her to even just take off her top. As I_m watching this I_m thinking this is going to be another one where everything_s a chore, but I was so wrong. Just a few minutes later Jay talks Tiffany into giving him head while they_re driving. His gift of gab really shines here. After a few close calls with getting caught (okay, they DID get caught LOL), Tiffany takes a break from sucking his cock. They chat some more and we learn all about our fun loving cutie. But when they pull in to the hotel parking lot, Jay insists she straddles his hard cock right then and there - with hotel guests walking by. Nervewracking excitement for Tiffany, and we all know how girls get off on excitement. Her pussy juice on Jay_s cock tells the truth. Tiffany keeps up her excitement throughout the rest of the shoot. This girl has a ton of personality but after more chit chat at the hotel we just want to see her fuck. And brother, you won_t be disappointed here either. These two fuck so much, I don_t know where to begin. She cums when Jay fucks her with toys and there_s some ass play, too. Tiffany lets us know what turns her on and we can tell when our little hottie orgasms. We get more enthusiastic cock sucking, and lots and lots of energetic sex. You can see the gears spinning in her head when she tries something new. She almost passes out when Jay pins her face down on the bed and fucks her from the top. The vibrator comes into play a lot too, she just loves having it on her clit while she gets fucked. I love how she does everything we want her to, usually after a little hesitation. She_s up for the adventure, it just requires a little push here and there. There_s some great chemistry and interaction between the two, and I think you_ll really feel like being there when you watch the video. I_m pretty sure we will see Tiffany again - she absolutely loved her experience today and she_s got the perfect attitude to do porn regularly. She_s fun, loves the camera, and obviously enjoys sex. What a great girl, and what a great video. Enjoy
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