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19 year old Taylor is a struggling college kid trying to make ends meet any way she can. Her car was just repossessed, so she had her friend drive her to my _studio_ AKA my house. I let her know ahead of time that she could make mad money if she posed nude - a whole $50 bucks. When I told her that she could make an extra $200 for a short sex video, she said no. I increased the offer to $300 and it was on. She thought I was filming it for my private collection and that her video would be seen by only a few people. The truth is that she_ll be seen by millions, lol. This girl really was a fun fuck. She gave loud, sloppy head (just how I like it), and is a moaner. I give her an 810 overall. She_d get an extra point if she wasn_t so talkative during the shoot. So, if you like talkative girls, you_ll love this girl - she_ll be 910 for you :)
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