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Maybe I should have discussed it with Shantel before I shoved my cock up her ass. I lube up her hole and get in position, and before she realizes what_s going to happen I push myself into her...and all hell breaks loose. It_s whimpering and whining and I tell her to just take it for a little while longer. I keep fucking her ass some more until I notice tears. At that point I figure I_ve done my dirty deed for the moment. But let_s start from the beginning... Today we have a prime example of a true college whore. 24 year old Shantel has had a total of 4 lovers in her life, and number five is me. Today. Here. And I doubt it_s my charm and good looks that_s making her open wide and say Ouch. From her attitude toward sex in general I can tell those four boys weren_t the greatest fucks of all time so I_m going into damage control mode and plan on making this exciting for both me and her. Nah, fuck that, it_s really about my fun. At least it_s what-you-see-is-what-you-get with Shantel. She doesn_t say stuff because she thinks that_s what I want to hear. She_s pretty honest about her likes (a few) and dislikes (many). So given that Shantel is here to get fucked for cash and fame (ha) I plan on putting her through the paces. With Shantel_s looks I_m really surprised she_s been living comparatively virgin up till now. She said she_s a good girl but the fact that she_s here sucking and fucking me for the cameras is proof that this ain_t so, at least not anymore. In the beginning she_s pretty tight up and nervous, but a bit of pussy licking goes a long way to loosen things up a bit so that_s what I do after I get her naked and reveal a bit about herself. I really want to know how far I can push this chick so I do all the nasty shit you_ve come to know me for - and then some. She must really be hard up for cash because she_s putting up with pretty much anything I throw at her. The anal was a bit much, I know. Too fucking bad. That asshole just looked too inviting not to fuck, you know? Let_s see how she takes it when I fuck her from behind while holding her arms back, or make her lick my ass. How loud does money talk? Well, Shantel has the answer to that one. It_s fucking LOUD. It_s too bad Shantel isn_t a crazy nympho slut like so many of the other girls here lately. She_s got a pussy to die for, perfect natural titties, and legs that won_t quit. Since she resigned herself to being my fuck puppet and does everything I want now I think I_ll have her come back, maybe next time I_ll get my buddy involved too...
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