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So the question for today is What day is it? Well, according to Melissa, It_s ass day YES IT IS So here it is, you Melissa lovers, her anal scene, as promised And boy did it live up to my expectations God does this girl turn me on, and when she said she would come back for this anal scene, I was hard all week just thinking about it. When she showed up and was putting her makeup on, I asked her what she did the past week. And like the clueless college whore she is she responded I forget, I have a horrible memory LOL. I guess she forgot how big and girthy I am when she agreed to come back. Melissa has only been fucked in the ass twice before, for like 2 minutes only each time, and both times by small guys. Well, Steve here is not small and I did not let this opportunity to do everything I could think off to her ass pass by. As you know, a girl with a shopping problem and mounting credit card bills is easy pickings to be pushed to her limits, and that is exactly what I did. I gaped this innocent girls_ asshole, I double penetrated her with a huge dildo, and I even convinced her to suck my cock straight from her ass Melissa told me she loved to play with her Barbie dolls as a young girl. I bet after this shoot she went straight home to play with them again, wishing she was a young girl again and did not have to get ass fucked by guys twice her age in order to pay her bills. If I had to guess, Think of a happy place, think of a happy place is what was going through her clueless head as I was pounding her ass all afternoon. Have fun you ass lovers - Steve
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