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19 year old Lisa is a sweet young girl from Florida that was perfect for all the perversion I had in store for her. Perfect in the scene that she is hotter than most girls her age, but thinks she is not and has a complex about all her bodily imperfection, which are not many. As I told her how hot and nice her body is, she sincerely thanked me as if no one has ever complemented her before. Whenever I get an insecure girl like this I know they wont stop me as I push them to their limits and exploit the hell out of them. When I stuck my finger up her pussy it felt like I was up her ass it was so tight Lisa probably has the tightest pussy I have ever fingered before and I have fingered a lot of pussy LOL So what kind of a daughter does a father get when he is in the military and moves all over the country, not staying in one place too long to allow his little girl to make good friends? An insecure little girl that has daddy issues and uses sex to make her feel good and fill the lonely voids of her life of course. I_m just glad that I got a hold of her first and was able to show her how older guys like to take their sexual perversions out on young naive girls. Well, I made Lisa do a lot of things she had never done before and I knew I could abuse the fuck out of this girl after she told me that she likes sex a little rough. Things I made Lisa do for the first time ever are: I deep, deep throated her, I shoved my fingers and a few toys up her ass, I made her lick my ass of course LOL, I slapped her face and choked her while I fucked her, and I fish hooked her too while I doggy fucked her. Lisa is the girl that every guy wants to meet at a party and take home and fuck for the night. Her facial expressions tell the whole story also as I make her cum multiple times and I fuck that oh so tight 19 year old pussy God I love my job Steve
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