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I get emails from some of you saying I_m like the luckiest guy in the world, and you know what? I fucking am After this last batch of super_ I thought I couldn_t top this but I was wrong: meet Lauren from Oregon State University. The word _no_ does not exist in Lauren_s vocabulary. It_s so funny too, at first she is really shy about her body, especially the tits. Getting through the photos was almost a chore and I figure this girl is going to be a self-conscious nightmare that won_t do anything. But when we go outside so she can have a cigarette it takes me all but five minutes before she has my cock down her throat, and another minute or two before I get her to drop her panties and fuck her right there on the patio. She gets so riled up being fucked in front of the neighbor_s windows that she says she wants to go upstairs - now I guess that_s the kind of open mindset a girl develops when her parents are hippies who introduce her to weed at an early age. Open or just insane, I don_t know and don_t really care. I set up my gear as quickly as I can to keep this ball rolling. I do the interview thing with her and get her completely naked (those tits) and it_s all just getting more and more hardcore from there. Her looks, the shit she says...I just know this is gonna be a real hardcore session, and I_m about to be proven right about that... Lauren said she very rarely has an orgasm so of course I do my best to work her into at least one by licking her pussy and ass. It works Sufficiently wet, Lauren is now ready for my cock so I slide right in her and go to town. The little freak loves rough sex and when I choke her while pounding her I feel her pussy lips grip my cock tighter and tighter. I think she_s having another orgasm She definitely cums again when I make her blow me while using the vibrator (yeah, that one) on her pussy and clit. She_s already came more than ever before so now I feel it_s my right to get some payback, if you know what I mean... A sex crazed girl like this surely has got to be great at sucking cock, I_m thinking, and sure enough, she_s a fucking BJ superstar. She even takes me ramming down my cock down her throat and gagging her better than most other girls I_ve banged, and you know that means something. And when I stand over her and tell her to lick my ass she does so without batting an eye - and holy hell she is good at it The more I treat her like a fuck puppet the better she likes it and luckily I have a lot more hardcore shit up my sleeve to keep her (and me) happy. If you_re expecting this 20 year old to balk at being fish-hooked and ass slapped while being fucked from behind, think again. She_s into all of that. This bitch is my new fucking dream girl LOL. The whole thing_s been so intense we could_ve stopped right there and still have some of the most extreme stuff in ECG history - but no. She did something really amazing with her hands when she blew me outside so I have her do that again, but more intensely. Brothers, I_m not kidding when I tell you Lauren_s magic with her hands. It_s like she_s been doling out handjobs to friends all her life. Watch what she does to me when she gives me a handjob, and then rims my ass out like it_s her favorite thing to do (which, as it turns out later, it is). Un-fucking-believable. Lauren goes deep-tongue on me for a little eternity and it_s so good I almost forget I_m trying to shoot a scene for you. So fucking good But I_m still not quite done. I manage to squeeze in Lauren riding my cock, but just barely because her pussy is creaming up so much that I keep sliding in and out of her so fast, I_m feeling like I_m about to blow any second. Watch her cum drip out of her pussy and cover my cock. Yes, she_s cumming that much. I have her finish me off giving me a proper handjob, and that thing she does quickly sets me off - I practically explode and shoot my cum load over her hands and all over the bed while Lauren beams with pride... Lauren truly enjoyed this massive fuck session and needless to say so did I. You will be amazed and possibly even a little shocked at how extreme this little slut is. You wouldn_t believe it from just looking at her so be prepared for a surprise. This girl is super dirty - Enjoy
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