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I am pleasantly surprised when I meet Lara for the first time. She looks even hotter and classier than in the photos she had sent me. After she picks out and models the different outfits she brought with her I feel my cock getting ready for some action but I_m not sure at this point how much I can get away with with her. That body and face just totally does it for me. When she walks out to take a smoke break I decide to risk it and make her strip off her pants so that I could lick her pussy. Would she balk at this (after all I had only known her for like 30 minutes at that point) or go for it? Well, you guessed it - she lets me do my thing and thoroughly enjoys having her pussy licked. I sense that it_s been a long time since she_s had gotten some - Lara is literally squirming in her seat. So I_m ready to push her further and make her take out my cock and show me her blowjob skills right there in the back yard. I couldn_t get enough of her tasty snatch so after we go back inside I dive my tongue right back in it, and do a taste check on Lara_s ass as well. Knowing now that Lara is willing to go for my antics I can_t wait to get the photos out of the way and take her upstairs to have her show me what she_s made of. After learning a little about our University of Maine student I take my time to thoroughly exploit...err...explore Lara_s pussy and ass in detail. A bit more of pussy and ass munching and it_s time for me to play _hide the salami_ with Lara. I gotta tell you brothers, that fucking little tight pussy felt so unbelievable. I have to stop banging her for a little while and grab the new Rabbit vibrator. She_s into getting her pussy and clit taken care of with it but something_s missing...a cock in her mouth. So while I loosen up Lara_s pussy with the vibrator I have her suck my cock, her pussy juices still on it from fucking her a few minutes earlier. I know now for sure she_s not been laid in a while, her pussy is just too wet, too tight, and Lara is enjoying it too much for someone who claims she usually gets enough sex. I guess the key word here is usually, definitely not lately. She had also said she_s into getting fucked hard and I keep that in mind. Since she also likes doggy style I go all out fucking Lara as hard as possible when I get her on her knees. She_s being a great little slut and takes the cock assault till I can sense her entire body getting weak. No whining, no complaining, and just a little hint of pain on her face. Perfect I had been wanting to cum since pretty much the minute Lara walked in so when it_s time to unload she probably wishes I had kept a bucket nearby: I shoot a huge load of cum in her mouth and keep spraying jizz in her hair and all over her face. She can_t open her eyes and can_t talk, but of course I take my sweet time taking as many pictures of the mess on her face as possible. After taking a shower and trying to fix her make-up she asks me to drive her to the FedEx store to drop off something for her mom. Despite just getting the fuck of her young lifetime she_s in good spirits and I get her to flash her titties at the store. Yes, Lara is a lot of fucking fun and I know you guys will enjoy her as much as I did. And as always I enjoy your comments on the girls so keep _em coming
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