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See that smile on 18 year old Laila_s face? Well, that_s gonna go away soon. After I_m done with the usual bullshit smalltalk and lick her pussy I start penetrating her virgin asshole with my favorite toys. So far so good, a bit of wincing here and there but she_s still okay. But then As I introduce Laila_s ass to my cock the whining begins. Ouch Slower, please Take it out, take it out it hurts And so on. Do I care? No. She said she_ll let me fuck her in the ass on camera and that_s what I_m doing. I fuck her ass in several positions despite her protests and let me tell you her butthole feels amazing No other man_s been there before so I feel honored. I won_t cum in her asshole though because I prefer her face so that_s where I_ll jizz off, but not until I leave her asshole completely fucked RAW This one_s a MUST-OWN if you_re into first-time anal sex and a bit of introductory pain.
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