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Khloe is as much fun as you can have without getting arrested. Well, actually that could have happended too... I don_t know where to start with this one. This girl is fucking FUN. First off, Khloe is at least as perverted as you and me, and thinking about the shit she enjoys, probably more so. This girl_s level of sexual depravity shocks even me. Don_t faint when you hear her talk about her fetishes (hint: a lot of them. All dirty.) I actually hope she goes on to shoot more porn because...well, you_ll see. She_s up for truly anything and everything and for once I don_t feel like I_m having to talk a girl into doing stuff all the time. As she says at one point: we_re made for each other. So true. Too bad I_m twice her age. Not that she cares because she also says she likes her fuck buddies to be her dad_s age. Her words. After doing the paperwork we head to the store to get some snacks, and Khloe flashes the truck driver who stopped next to us at the traffic light. He takes a picture with his cell phone and Khloe just has a ball with it all. Emboldened with confidence, Khloe has zero reservations sucking me off in the car,and then letting me fuck her while we_re parked. She plays to the camera and makes sure you can see her get fucked in all the proper ways. Yes, it is really her first time having sex on camera but you_d think she_s a seasoned pornstar. Nope, she_s just made for sex After having Khloe suck and fuck me in the car I_m beyond riled up when we return to my room, and after a few minutes of playing around with her I dive straight into her gorgeous snatch. She is wet, and tasty, and she loves it. When we started she said she was super nervous but all that_s out the window now - Khloe is ready to go. I try some toys on her - she never uses toys and claims she doesn_t masturbate either - and that doesn_t go too well. Fine with me, I just lick her ass until she has another orgasm. The girl can cum pretty easily (note the new Picture-in-Picture style, let me know what you think) She tells us that she enjoys rough sex and being the good guy I am I facilitate her need with some choking, fishhooking, and my trademark arms-behind-her-back-during-hard-doggy assault. She loves it. You can tell from her facial expressions and reactions that she_s really in the moment at all times. She laughs, she makes funny faces at the cams, she acts goofy and joyous and sexy at the same time. This one_s a one in a million, brothers. I could go on and on about all the stuff we do but you_ll have to see for yourself. She asked if she did good for her first porno and I couldn_t be more enthusiastic to answer in the affirmative. We fucked again after I turned off the cameras - she asked for it. I love this girl and so will you. ENJOY
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