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Exploitedcollegegirls.com- Keri - Behind the Scenes

When a girl lets you fuck her at the airport parking lot ten minutes after meeting her you know you_ve got a winner for the Slut of the Year award. This year_s trophy goes to Keri, a 18 year old student at DeVry University in California. Her 5_8 stature is mostly comprised of legs and her young mind is truly filled with nothing but sex in all forms and at all times. And volunteering. Yeah I know. She did her good deeds in High School when she helped build an orphanage, and now Keri is whoring it up at a level that surprises even me. So after blowing and fucking me at the airport parking lot we are doing the interview portion in the car with her naked, of course, and after that she gives me head again while I_m driving. After getting fucked again for the pics it_s time to really see what Keri is made of. Is she all talk or really that much into sex? Well, apparently she is, except the deep throat was a bit much for her. She_s never been deep throated like this before and the tears in her eyes tell me she won_t be again in the future. Other than that Keri is up for anything and fucks and sucks with such enthusiasm it was hard to keep myself from cumming too early. In fact, her being on top was best - I cum in Keri_s pussy and have her drip out the jizz at the end. So for you creampie fans, this one_s for you. All POV and room camera footage is combined into one movie, it_s the next best thing to being there. You will also find the BTS footage (yep, the airport thing too) on this page as well.
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