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Look, it_s no secret that here at ECG we_re as patriotic as anybody. After all, in what other country could we do what we do? No that_s not a dig at other countries for having fewer hot coeds than us. It_s about freedom The freedom to bribe innocent young hotties out of their virtue. Anyway, in honor of our first Mormon presidential candidate we_ve found Jennie, a 20 year old stunner from the Mormon training camp known as Brigham Young University, where short sleeves and Coke are illegal and pretty girls are everywhere.On the ride to the shoot, Jennie opens right up to me about her sexuality explaining exactly how to make her cum (g spot clit = win), about how she lost her virginity and her love of sucking cock. For a girl who goes to a university that frowns on skirts that rise above the knee, she_s really a bit of a slut. So score another one for freedom To test out her boundaries I pull over in a semi secluded alley and have her perform a little day time road head. She takes to it and admits that she loves to turn guys on, and it turns her on. It_s off camera but I can feel her pussy getting wet through her shorts so I decide to push her boundaries a little further and fuck her in the front seat of the car.We get back to the location and get Jennie made up and looking amazing, and before long she_s dropping her dress to show off her textbook perfect B cup tits and and bare cameltoe. Fortunately I_ve got something equally sexy to show her: the Sybian. Despite her nervousness she lubes up and jumps on and sparks fly. By sparks I mean orgasms. Within a minute her eyes are rolled back and she_s gasping and playing with her tits. In less than three minutes she has her first Sybian powered orgasm. She can_t figure out what to do with her hands so I set the camera down and feed her my cock as she searches for orgasm number two.I am pretty sure orgasm number three is in there, too but I think the only way I can reach it is with my dick. Jennie seems to agree and as soon as I start drilling her she_s on her way there. We blow past it and head for number four. Probably the hottest part of fucking this dirty little Mormon sinner (typo, I meant spinner, but both are true) is a tie between the sexy way she frantically rubs her clit and the way she tugs on her nipples to get herself to cum.I flip her over to see if a fifth orgasm is possible after she explains how much she loves being fucked doggy style and it doesn_t take more than a few hard pumps to get her off. I try a few more positions to build up one of my trademark 12 gauge cumshots and then I blow my load on her face, which she seems remarkably cool about. There might just be something to this Mormon thing after all I can_t really remember the last time a girl has been so happy about being glazed like a doughnut.
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