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I don_t know what it is lately but I_m getting girls show up who are not just whoring it up on cam for cash, but actually, really, truly...need to get laid. I_m not making this up - Janelle here is another good-girl who decided to get fucked and facialed for the world to see, and have real orgasms doing it. Janelle is multi orgasmic so I think she got a good bargain today with me. But so did I: Janelle is just all around fun. There is no wannabe pornstar attitude, no let_s get this over with bullshit, and absolutely no resistance to even my...ahem...naughtiest request. (Yes, she did THAT, too LOL). While she is trying to put on makeup like a grownup (fail) I kick back and do a little interview with her. She_s open and talkative and everything she says confirms to me that she is indeed just a normal girl who wants to explore her dirty side. When she takes off her clothes to show me the dress she wants to wear I see that there is a lot more to Janelle than I tought: she has a huge ass ugly tattoo on her side. I mean, it_s fucking hideous. It doesn_t match her persona at all and if she wasn_t so cool and otherwise cute I would have probably sent her home right then. I decide to not let this ruin my fun, however, and just keep on going. Luckily, Janelle_s personality soon makes me forget all about this desecration. We_re having fun taking the pictures and she tells us more about herself. At that point I notice something - her pussy has gotten dripping wet. I grab my POV cam to show you this because it_s rare I see a girl get so turned on just by taking pics of her. I mean, the girl is soaked So this right there tells you this girl is really wanting it bad. Janelle doesn_t know the word No. If it has to do with sex, she_s up for it. At 19 she is not the most amazing cock sucker of all time but she does let me deep throat her and doesn_t complain about it, or storm out of the hotel room. In fact, she seems to enjoy being taken hard. She said earlier that her favorite sex position is being on top but you wouldn_t know it from the way her pussy juices up when I have my way with her in any of the other positions. She is not even trying to hide how much she likes getting fucked by a guy she met less than an hour ago. Janelle keeps orgasming several times, at first in a subtle way. but the harder we fuck the harder she cums. She takes a liking to the Rabbit and sucks my cock while I use it on her. My little twin-eared pink buddy always ensures I get the girls riled up to the max, and as usual, this girl is like putty in my hands afterwards. Janelle likes the kinkier shit, too. I stick my finger in her ass while my cock pumps her pussy, and she_s is ripe for another orgasm. When I fuck her doggy style, with her spreading her ass cheeks...orgasm. When she rides me....orgasm. At this point I almost feel *I* should charge *her*. After having her rim me out (absolutely no hesitation or arguing from her) I finally get to unload my cum in her mouth and on her face. I grab my camera to take pics of her cum covered face before it all dries in, and as she is looking up at me, my cock in her mouth, her makeup smeared, and that satisfied look on her face, I can_t help but feel like I_ve actually done a good deed today. But then I remember that her face will be all over the Interwebs soon, with my cock in her mouth and pussy, and at that point parents and friends will know that their little goody two-shoes Janelle is as dirty as they come. If that gigantic fail she calls a tattoo wasn_t any indication, everyone will know Janelle is just as _depraved_ as the sickest of _ I_ve fucked on ECG. For some reason thinking about this actually makes me even more happy. Just call me Evil Stevel.
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