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The taller one of the now infamous Crystal and Jane duo, 18 year old Jane comes back for more thorough exploitations. Except Jane, despite her innocent and wholesome looks, is very much into getting fucked hard on camera. Her boyfriend wasn_t given her any until recently so the poor girl is cock starved - and I_m here to help. Maybe the guy is on to her games, she never told him that she is whoring it up on camera for extra shopping cash. All he knows is that she sometimes takes nude photos, and that_s it.I pick up Jane from her boyfriend_s place where she stays when she is in town. As a student at Flagstaff_s NAU, Jane is happy whenever she gets to come down here and shop her little heart out. But to do so a girl needs money, and lots of it. Of course, this works just fine for me because I have said funds set aside for the purpose of nailing super hot young hotties like Jane on camera, and then share the results with you. A match made in pervert heaven, right?Jane is still a little shy on our ride to my place, but quickly warms up when we do photos in the living room. I tell you, the girl just gets me rock hard when she takes her clothes off and I can_t wait to get her upstairs. Since Crystal and Jane showed together last time I hadn_t been able to spend too much time getting to know and play around with Jane by herself. Today I_m making up for that because a scorcher like Jane deserves to be thoroughly examined. The girl_s loads of fun and, as you know, rediculously hot. And luckily for me today she is even more sexually charged than before. When I introduce her to that one vibrator you all know I push her to the edge and now she is really horny and ready to go. The stuff she does to my cock is just unreal, she_s one of the few girls that want to make me blow my load a few seconds after she takes my cock in her mouth. She does that weird sucking-while-keeping-it-in-her-mouth thing that you have to see to understand. Just unbelievable. But I can_t cum just yet - there_s still a lot of fuckin_ to do. Jane said she likes to be banged hard - and I couldn_t be happier to do her that favor. She is visibly excited when I pump her pussy as hard and fast as I can, which just amps me up even more and I keep going even harder. Doggy style is her favorite position and of course I put my own extreme spin on it which she seems to enjoy a lot too. Later, after having Jane on top of me for a few minutes, I can_t hold back any longer and I make her lie on the bed and straddle her face. A few quick jerks while she_s licking and sucking my balls and I unload my cum on her, covering her face, and shooting in her mouth, eyes, and her hair. After taking photos of her cum covered face, Jane needs some Visine for her eyes. Afterwards we_re both physically spent but I still have to drive her home to her boyfriend, with traces of cum still smeared around on her neck and all. I get her to flash me at the gas pump and we both do a bit more chit chat in the car before I drop her off. As she exits the car I_m imagining what would happen a few minutes later when innocent little Jane reunites with her clueless man, who undoubtedly will get some very sloppy seconds that night...What a great fucking day Now, where is Crystal_s phone number Jane gave me?...
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