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From my very first correspondence with 21-year-old Heather, I wanted to get this naive girl down to Arizona. She is from MSUM, Minnesota State University MOORHEAD That_s right everyone, she goes to a college in a town named after getting more head I LOVE IT And she loves to suck cock too. She sucked her first cock in High School at the tender age of 16 and said she was hooked and addicted. In herown words Sucking cock is A-Dick-Teen LOL. I love this girl. Surprising enough she had just been to Arizona 3 months ago were she fucked her friend in the bathroom during the Arizona Cardinal NFC championship game What a little college whore Well she had to pay her friend somehow for the tickets, right? As you can imagine I put her through the ringer and put that love of cock sucking to the extreme, face fucking her and deep throating her till she gagged and almost puked. I also just thought I would stick my finger in her asshole to see what kind of reaction I would get. Well, she didn_t stop me, so I knew this was going to turn into an anal scene, and what an anal scene it turned out to be. I fucked her ass so hard I bet she could not sit down for her plane ride home, LOL. She should have listened to her gut and not come in my place the first time she drove her rental car to my house from the airport. She called me to say that she thinks she is outside my house, but not sure, so I walk out to meet her...and she drives off and leaves I was to nervous to come in, I_m sorry she said when I called her back. Well she finally came back, but I know she will regret walking through my door some day. Enjoy you sick and twisted anal lovers - Steve
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