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My run of horny, slutty 18 year olds continues this week when I assfuck this self confessed naughty country girl from Texas in one of the most eventful ECG updates in a long time. How naughty is she? Well every story she tells me in the interview sounds like the plot to a big budget porno movie like the time she had a lesbian 3 way with two cousins, for example.After getting to know Hazel better and finding out just what a freak she is, I_m excited to get her naked. She admitted to masturbating several times a day but confessed that she can_t afford any sex toys on her starving student budget, so I_m itching to blow her mind. She strips and reveals a pair of very perky B cups and a body built for banging. I get her positioned on the bed and show her how much fun a vibrator and anal beads can be in the right hands.She_s really getting into it, so I have her drop to her knees and blow me, which, not surprisingly, she_s incredibly good at. As she gets into it I can tell she wants it rougher and pretty soon I_m face fucking her pretty aggressively and she loves it. In fact, after the shot she mentions that this was her favorite part of the entire session. She_s so turned on that when I order her to get on the bed she puts her as sin the air, begging for my cock. Watch her face when I slide my dick in, the way she bites her lip and rolls her eyes is just amazing.Right about now in the shoot a couple of fairly unprecedented things all happen at once which make take this shoot from good to AWESOME. For example we discover that Hazel_s pussy is not interested in shooting for much longer so this update is going to finish with my favorite thing: anal. Also the hotel manager calls and demands that I vacate the premises, so I_m going to have to skip the romance and pound Hazel_s tight little ass into the bed. It doesn_t hurt that once she gets into it and loses herself she_s begging me to cum in her ass.Who am I to deprive a lady of a request? Some deep dicking and I blast off huge load in Hazel_s ass. Aaaaaaaand it_s time to start packing.
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