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Sir, did you shoot a porno movie in your room?, the hotel clerk asked me when I checked out after Devon left. No, I did not, I honestly told him. I wasn_t lying - Jay had the honor to do his first full shoot by himself because I had to leave early to meet another young hottie who wants to be a star on ECG. Apparently Devon and Jay got caught fucking on the patio by hotel guests and they complained to management. I_m so proud I should track down and charge the complainers for the show because I_m looking at the footage now and it_s smoking hot. But first things first. Devon is transformed from an ordinary University of Utah coed into the pornstar she always wanted to be (she has a favorite). Devon_s confidence and excitement grows as she_s being reborn in the make-up chair and I kick myself for not scheduling my other girl at a different time because Devon looks like she_ll be a great time. When Devon is ready, Jay takes on still picture duties. Okay, he_s still learning all this camera stuff, but for being his first time I gotta say he did very well taking Devon_s pictures. Then it_s showtime, all 3 camcorders are running, and both Devon and Jay are a little nervous about the whole thing at first. Devon looks a little like a hotter version of that weird intern girl April on the TV show _Parks and Recreation_, trying to keep a straight, grown-up face while suppressing little smirks here and there brought on by the excitement of it all. As things progress, Devon really comes out of her shell and even allows herself to cum hard when Jay uses the Rabbit vibrator on her, and (drum roll, please) fingers Devon_s ass a little. Looks like Devon doesn_t mind the assplay and Jay is determined to take full advantage of that later. (You see where that_s going. And you_re right...). Among the things Devon confided to us while she got ready was her little story about getting fucked on the balcony of a high rise once. That was the craziest thing she_s done so far. Jay wants to step this up a notch and dares her to suck his cock on the patio - which is right next to the hotel_s parking lot, for everyone to see. Devon takes the challenge and she enthusiastically blows him outside. To my surprise and delight, Jay really starts pushing the envolpe and has Devon lick his ass before fucking her while she_s pressed against the patio wall. More hotel guests arrive at the parking lot so back inside they go, and now it_s time to help Devon figure out if she can deep-throat cock or not (she wasn_t sure during the interview). A bit more rimming and then it_s time for Devon to get on all fours to get pounded from behind. My favorite part is when Devon rides Jay and he starts playing with her ass again, and makes her do the same. She fingers her ass while Jay fucks her pussy, and Devon gets visibly turned on. Then he goes in for the kill: he talks Devon into letting him fuck her in the ass while she_s on top. Before she can come up with an excuse, Jay_s cock slides into Devon_s ass and she enjoys the anal enough to let him continue for a while until it gets too much for her tight little coed derriere. Not wasting a second, Jay asks her if she wants to be fucked in her pussy again and she says yes. He immediately goes from her ass to her pussy and she loves it. Split screen shows you Devon_s face while she gets fucked in her ass so you don_t miss a beat. Hot stuff. Devon wanted to be a porn goddess for a day and one of the things a real pornstar does is take cum to her face. So when Jay unloads a week_s worth of pent-up semen on Devon_s face and tits there_s no drama, maybe a bit surprise by how much it is. What Devon couldn_t swallow she wipes off before Jay can take pictures (...you want me to put it back?, she says jokingly. LOL). But her body is still covered with goo, so she jumps into the shower. Jay follows her with a camera to get her thoughts on everything that happend today. You see Devon_s video is an hour and a half long so it_s no surprise the camcorder batteries run out before she can say goodbye. Will we see her again? Possibly. You decide. I think she had a great time so maybe she_ll do something like this again in the future. Or maybe she_ll just go back to Mormonville and keep her naughty little secret to herself. If they only knew...
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