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Daniella is our very first international exchange student all the way from far off, exotic Mexico and from her big dark eyes to her near perfect round ass, she_s definitely one of the finest southern imports since Corona. This update starts off hot and heavy, partially because Daniella has a serious set of dick sucking lips and partially because I can hardly understand her answers to my penetrating interview questions. One question I do get an answer to is that Daniella has a boyfriend. Honestly, what are the odds he_s even ON the internet, so I doubt he_ll ever find out I_m wrecking his senorita_s tight pussy with my gringo dong. After getting some fantastic head from her, I_m raring to go and I bend Daniella over to find a very tight and very wet taco waiting for me. She_s so tight I have a hard time getting my cock in her, but once I do it_s fantastic. Her tiny pussy grips my dick and between her pussy and her cute bouncy tits and the way she grinds up on my cock with each thrust, let_s just say that my piata is about to explode before this party_s even started so I ease off and move her to the bedroom for a little more Q and A. She tells me that she loves to masturbate, but doesn_t own any toys. I always love to hear this because this means that a vibrator is going to blow her socks off. In this case it blows two quick orgasms right out of her that leave her panting and breathless. She looks pretty hot writhing around on the bed and it gets me going again so I have her drop to her knees and start sucking me off with those great lips. I_m excited to get back at Daniella_s super tight pussy, and I start off slow and end up nailing her hard in doggy style. The shots I got of fucking her while I have her pinned down are really hot as she orgasms over and over. She_s really into it and her tits bounce like crazy, which just makes it hotter. Eventually I get her to ride me in reverse cowgirl so I can watch her little ass bounce on my cock which is pretty hot. We have to switch up positions a few times because apparently her boyfriend is hung like a chihuahua and she_s not used to getting pounded by a full grown dick but finally I_m ready to finish and I coat Daniella_s puss with jizz and even manage a few internal shots for a nice messy creampie. I get the entire thing on camera for you, so enjoy you pie lovers. In addition to all the good things we get from Mexico: burritos, Mexican Coke, margaritas it turns out our neighbor to the south has still more treats to offer in the form of girls to exploit on El Interneto.
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