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21 year old French-Canadian Chanel has a secret for staying so skinny despite eating a lot and not working out. It_s not the usual weight loss method a girl her age might subscribe to. It_s this (brace yourself): She honestly believes when she swallows sperm she stays thin. I_m not kidding. At first she doesn_t want to divulge this secret but later I get her to say it. I wish she didn_t. After she said it she went from _acceptably bright_ to the _total ditz_ category in my eyes. On the other hand, now I know she_d pretty much buy all my usual bullshit and do whatever I want. Someone that naive certainly isn_t gonna give me lip everytime I try something, right? Well, not quite. Chanel has this open relationship with her boyfriend. He knows she_s banging other guys and girls sometimes (you_ll hear examples in the car). The rule is that she can_t let anyone else fuck her ass or cum in her mouth. She claims he even knows that she_s here with me today banging on camera. I_m not sure that_s true because she_s going out of her way asking me stuff like not a lot of people are going to see this, right?. Why worry about that when her guy supposedly knows? After making Chanel masturbate for me in the car (and lets me taste her always wet pussy like ten minutes after meeting me), and flashes other unsuspecting drivers on the freeway on our way to my place, I want to take some pictures of her right away. The girl oozes sex and I can_t wait to get a piece of that. Chanel brought a pair of black stockings which she wants to wear for the photos. A hot girl who actually wants to wear stockings? Oh hell yeah. Must be a French thing. Chanel follows my instructions quite well and puts out some fucking hot pics for you. She_s a walking turn-on and I can_t wait to go upstairs to get nasty with her. I have her douche first (never sure about where that pussy_s been before, you know?) and then it_s exploitation time. While I_m asking her personal questions I unpeel a naked Chanel and I gotta tell you, she_s fucking fine. Great body, great attitude, and I just can_t get enough of her pussy. After exploring and licking her little snatch some more I introduce Chanel to the Rabbit. As usual, the girl loves the damn thing. I_m seeing her pussy soak the vibrator with her juices and I know she_s ready to take my cock in her mouth. She_s a great little cock sucker and after making me sufficiently hard I shove my dick in her juicy pussy, while Chanel holds the vibrator on her clit for extra stimulation. I_ve been waiting for this since the minute I saw her at the airport in those tight jeans. I_m almost about to blow but am able to collect myself and switch positions. I_m fucking Chanel like it_s the last thing I_m gonna do and try not to let her tight pussy suck out the cum too early. When I fuck her with her legs closed to the side though it_s simply too much for me - I barely manage to pull out and unload my cum on her ass. Being the nice guy I am I give Chanel some wet wipes to clean herself off before I send her on her way. If I don_t I_d be banging this little slut for the rest of the day and I still have some other whores lined up this week who want to do the nasty with Steve. In the meantime, enjoy this crazy, slutty, and damn hot little French girl as much as I did...
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