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18 year old San Jose State University freshman Cassidy is half Italian and half African-American which explains her spicy look, attitude, and amazing skin. That, and tanning. Cassidy is a bit overly confident about herself but looking at the girl it_s hard for me to not agree when she makes self-congratulatory comments. Being so confident and comfortable with her body, Cassidy has no problems at all stripping naked in the car, where we get all the interview questions out of the way. We learn about her first sexual experience, her likes and dislikes, and all that other shit we really don_t care about but ask anyway to seem interested in her as a person. Chicks like that. Actually, Cassidy is pretty fun and outgoing so chatting with her is a breeze, and she doesn_t hold back. Once at my multi-million dollar studio (okay, it_s a hotel room) it_s time for Cassidy to strut her stuff for the still pictures. She does great but it turns out there is one thing she is shy about: her smile. I show her how beautiful she looks when she smiles for the pictures and she is set at ease. We like girls at ease. Okay, it_s sexy time. After warming Cassidy up by undressing her and sucking on those bee stings a bit I remember she told me about her first and only lesbian experience, which involved the Rabbit vibrator. She said she loved it so much that I figure I_ll introduce her to the next step up in the orgasm department and set up the Sybian machine. Cassidy hasn_t seen one before and it takes her a few minutes to figure out how to position herself on it to get off. But once she finds the right spot and learns what those dials and knobs do it_s showtime - Cassidy cums several times, and after her last orgasm actually squirts. This surprised me but Cassidy says she has had this happen before. Watching a girl cum several times AND squirt in less time than it takes to make a sandwich? This Sybian thing is really starting to pay off. From there it_s time for Cassidy to please ME. At eighteen she_s a pretty great cock sucker, which says something about her personal experiences. Well, looking like that I_m not shocked she_s had a lot of sex before. Anyway, without narrating the entire video here let me just say Cassidy is a blast, loves sex, orgasms easily, and looks great, be it with a cock in her mouth, fucked on all fours, or giving me a handjob till completion. She loves the camera and can_t get enough of watching herself fuck, so there_s lots of eye contact from this hottie with you. Just remember: you fall in love, you lose.
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