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19 year old University of Arizona coed Camille is a true first timer. As she puts on her makeup I coax out some pretty juicy personal sexual deets. Most shockingly, she is not exactly single. Camille also says she has _daddy issues_, which is probably why she_s here. We laugh at the suggestion but we both know it_s true. With still a hint of baby fat and decidedly girl-next-door looks, she also has some self esteem issues. Perfect. Welcome to the easy one-stop solution to all your problems, Camille - shoot a porn movie. We move to the bed and continue the interview where she confesses to sordid sexual experiences such as her drunken lesbian hook ups and a 4 girl drunken orgy. Camille isn_t afraid to try new things. Well, except anal of course. No matter how I try to convince her, she_s dead set against it. For a girl who claims to like rough sex she_s a bit of a prude about the rear entrance. It_s time to unwrap this cutie and she_s not wearing a bra and for a good reason, her tits are almost perfect. I ask her her bra size and she tells me 34C. I_m a little dubious is it possible that Camille_s alphabet doesn_t include the letter B? No matter the size, they are gorgeous and when I start playing with them her motor starts revving. She pulls her panties off and reveals her very tight and responsive puss. Responsive isn_t normally a word I_d use to describe a vagina, but in Camille_s case, it_s spot on. As she gets turned on you can see her pussy swell and get wetter and wetter. It_s really hot. So I know I_m in for a good time when I grab the vibrator and start teasing her. It_s very obvious how much she_s enjoying this when you watch me give her her first orgasm of the shoot. She_s very vocal, her tits bounce in that way that only 19 year old titties can bounce and her _O_ face is amazing, her eyes roll back, it_s so hot. After she gets hers, I want mine and I have her drop to her knees to suck my cock. Remembering that she likes it rough I let her get started and once I_m fully hard I try a little face fucking. While she gags on my cock she doesn_t complain and performs like a champ, she really seems to be into it, letting me fuck her face and responding with more enthusiasm which gets me as excited as her. Eventually I can_t wait and I have her climb up on the bed and I test how wet she is with my fingers. Verdict? Very wet. I grab her hips and give her a good, hard fucking. From doggy style with hair pulling (her favorite) to reverse cow girl (one of my favorites) to her on her back I pound her tight little pussy. It_s hot when she bites her lips when she cums. Finally I_m ready to blow and there_s only one place I_m aiming for: her pretty little mouth framed by those dick sucking lips. I try aiming, but it_s no use, she just gets painted with cum and doesn_t seem to mind at all. Still speckled with my cum she waves goodbye and we call it a day. She_s not a pro so she_s exhausted from all the fucking and I can sense the onset of regret on her face. She just got rough fucked and showered with cum by a stranger, captured by 3 cameras for all the world to see. I don_t think we_ll see Camille anywhere else. She_s just a normal girl with a penchant for bad choices, daddy issues and a boyfriend who doesn_t fuck her right, but she is smart enough to one day realize that banging strangers on camera isn_t the way to fix any of this. Luckily for us, today is not that day.
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