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When Bee says she_s up for anything, she means it. Example? 15 minutes after we meet I_m balls deep in her in a sub shop bathroom. But, I_m getting ahead of myself. 19 year old Bee is a southern California girl who proudly announces her heritage as _Mexican_. When you hear her vata accent it means one of two things: she was an extra on The Shield or she_s East LA born and raised. When I quiz her about her likes and dislikes she shortcuts me by saying she_s just, All about fun. What a coincidence...me too. We talk about her likes and dislikes and try as I might I can_t stump her. She seems to like everything: toys, girls, vibrators, slutty one night stands, choking, slapping...I_m tempted to ask her if she_s into Cleveland Steamers to try to trip her up. But if you watch the whole video, you_ll see she wasn_t lying - she_s ALL about fun. She mentions that she_s hungry and I offer to stop on the way to the shoot, but I promise she_ll be earning her meal. Bee readily agrees and we pull over to hit up the nearest value meal. On the way back to the car I remind her that she has to earn it and we detour to the bathroom where I have her drop to her knees and suck my cock. She doesn_t blink an eye and is popping my dick in and out of her mouth like a lollipop in no time flat. I try to get her to deep throat but she_s too shy and the best I get is some serious deep mouth, but her skills are tight and in no time I_m rock hard and dying to stick my cock in something else. Bee agrees and I_m pounding her from behind and trying to keep her quiet while I hit it nice and deep. We can_t film the whole whole thing in the bathroom of a sub shop, so we get back to the car and move along to the studio.During our talk Bee tells me that it_s not easy to make her cum and because of that the most times she_s ever orgasmed in a day is 2 or 3. To this I think, Challenge Accepted After she describes what makes her feel best (vibrations and penetration) I know what I_ll need to do to get her off. Granted it might require everything in the ECG sex toy locker, but it_s fuckin_ on. This is where the patent pending Exploited College Girls split screen o-face angle comes in handy - you can watch Bee_s face as she cums and you can watch how I make it happen with a lubed up Rabbit and vibrator in her perfect pussy. Now I know all pussy is pretty damn nice, but Bee_s pussy? Perfect, if there was a XXX dictionary and you looked up pussy, you_d find a picture of Bee_s perfect snatch.After she gets hers I want some so I have her drop to her knees and suck on my cock. The more she relaxes into it the more I want to face fuck her but I can_t manage to get the whole thing in there no matter how hard I try. Heh:hard. I even flip her over and have her hang her head off the bed and try to take it all but it_s futile, I can_t get her to relax her throat enough to get it in there. After the orgasm I gave her I know her pussy is relaxed so I have her get propped up on her back and I slip her my cock as hard as I can. You can tell from the noises she makes that she loves it but I can_t get her over the edge. I_m pounding her hard, her tithes are bouncing and she_s into it but I can_t get her there. I remember what we talked about and I hand her the vibrator and have her hold it on her clit while I fuck her. That seems to do it, she_s screaming at the top of her lungs as I drill her. I finish her off with a classic ECG shotgun cumshot to the face. You have got to watch the look on her face as I land the first two spurts like a sniper, right down her throat. I always have distance and volume but I rarely have this kind of perfect aim and she gets a mouthful of the sticky stuff. This is probably the best cumshot I_ve ever filmed. Ever. Enjoy. ***As always, to download the video just right-click the video link, then click Save As (or similar wording depending on browser). ***
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