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Bailey needs your help. She doesn_t have a pet name for her pussy yet but really wants one, as she mentions in the BTS video. So your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to come up with a name for Bailey_s snatch. Send your suggestions in at the contact link at the bottom of this page so that Bailey can choose the best one. She also thinks her eye color is green-ish but everyone else says hazel, which she doesn_t like. Let her know what you think.After having had so much fun during her first shoot I invited U of A freshman Bailey back - this time get ass fucked on film. Bailey interrupted her annual family visit to California and flew in for the day. I_m sure mom would be so proud if she knew her daughter is leaving her to get boned in the ass on camera. Since I already know she_s up for anything I have Bailey give me a quick suck and fuck job at the airport parking lot before I make her get topless in the car. I have her first scene saved on my laptop and since she only got to check out a few minutes of it I have her watch it on the way to my place. She loves watching herself suck and fuck on video and she continues watching the rest when we arrive at the house. As she gets more and more aroused watching the video on the laptop I decide to jump in and have some fun too - I lick Bailey_s pussy and fuck her as she_s eyeballing herself getting deep throated and exploited on video. After getting her close to cumming I let her play with herself while she continues watching her movie. I give her the Rabbit, her favorite vibrator, to speed up the process a bit. Bailey is so hot squirming around in her seat trying to get off, I just have to have her suck me off some more. Right before I think she is about to cum again I stop, make her get on her knees, and lick her asshole (already soaked with her pussy juices) while she watches herself giving me a rimjob in the video. After some more toy action and fucking I think it_s about time to get the still photos out of the way, and then finally go upstairs so I can fuck that little ass of hers. I_ve been waiting for this since the first time I_ve met Bailey so you can imagine I_m not all too easy on her when it_s finally my turn to make that ass of hers mine.I loosen up her butt hole a little, first with fingers and then with my double trouble toy. A bit of anal lube and I think Bailey_s ready to go. I should have probably spent a little more time stretching out her ass (she does not do anal on a regular basis and this is her first - and probably last - time getting ass fucked on video) because when I shove my cock in her I can tell it_s a little more painful than she had expected. I try to ease it in but frankly Bailey has this magic over me to where I cannot contain myself and just want to fuck the shit out of her. But trying to be a nice guy (LOL) I let her have a vibrator so she can play with her clit while I fuck her ass.Her ass is so tight it_s hard to not shoot my load right away. But I persist and fuck her ass while she_s lying on her back, then take her doggy style. And don_t think I forget about you Ass-to-Mouth fans either - after banging Bailey_s ass while she_s on her knees I pull out and make her lick and suck her own juices off my cock. ATM at its finest.When I make Bailey get on her belly and fuck her ass from the top she_s near tears but somehow she somewhat regains composure, although it_s still clear this position is a bit much, even for her. She actually does enjoy what comes next though: Bailey on top, cock in her ass, and riding me hard. She still has her vibrator work on her clit so I_m sure that helps.Since Bailey did such a great job licking my ass during her first Scene I have her do it again, and this time I make her rim me out deep and slow until I shoot my cum straight in her mouth. I have her dribble the jizz out nice and slow, then lick it up again.I take some quick pics of and then it_s time for a shower for me while Bailey takes one of the cameras and does some of the cutest shit you_ll ever see in a porno. Let_s just say Bailey really loves you and enjoys sharing herself with you. Nuff said, check it out.I promised Bailey I_d buy her the Rabbit since she loves it so much so we stop by at the porn store and pick one up. Her mom is waiting for her back in Cali so we hurry up to get to the airport. I wonder how she_ll explain that new vibrator she_s got stuck in her carry-on to airport security...and mom...
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