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A national magazine once ranked ASU as the nation_s number one party school, but if you are an ECG regular you_d be more likely to say that ASU is the nation_s number one PUSSY school. I mention it because this week_s girl is 20 year old blonde spinner Ava from ASU. You can tell right away that she_s a little stuck up by her answers to the standard ECG questionaire:Do you masturbate? No, I can get dick whenever I want.Do you like anal? No, that_s what my pussy is for.Do you own any sex toys? No, that_s what dick is for.Do you like sucking dick? No, I keep my mouth cleanWell there_s one thing Princess Ava won_t say no to and it_s money, so we_ll see how open minded she really is I start off by fingering her very cute bare pussy and it doesn_t take 5 minutes to make her cum. You can tell from the sloshing wet sounds that she_s turned on and you can tell by her first orgasm that she_s letting herself get into it. But I think we can do better, and it calls for the big guns. For a girl who_s never used a vibrator, this should be interesting. I grab the Rabbit and unleash it_s multispeed wonderfulness on her little pink pussy. She goes wild. Two more orgasms follow and before long she_s spend from the pounding I_m giving her pussy.I think Ava_s stuck up act may be just that, an act. Because right off she claims she doesn_t like to suck dick, but as soon as she drops to her knees and gets mine in her face she takes to it like a pro. Great hand action, lots of spit, and she pays good attention to the balls. And she has a tongue stud A girl who doesn_t like sucking dick would not be so well equipped. You can tell from the gleam in her big blue eyes that she loves it.After getting the preliminaries out of the way I finally get to bury my cock in her tight little pussy. Pay close attention to the split screen shot as I slide it in for the first time, the look on her face is priceless. It_s sorta this, Oh my god, what is happening to my pussy? But it doesn_t take long for her to figure it out: she_s getting fucked nice and deep. It takes exactly 3 minutes for her to cum yet again, you_ll know when you see her eyes roll back and she bites her lip.Just to make sure she_s properly fucked, I turn her over and get her nice and hard from the back, pinning her to the bed, I drill her until she chums again. Just watch the deer the headlights look on her face as I go deeper and deeper and fuck her in places her boyfriend has never reached. I wrap my hand around her neck to show her who_s in charge and it doesn_t take long to pound another orgasm out of her tight pussy.Obviously no ECG update would be complete without my trademark firehouse pop shot, so I roll Ava on her back and make her beg for it as I drill her. It doesn_t take much and I_m painting her perfect abs with a load. In the bed she might be a stuck up little bitch, but as long as she_s willing to get stuck up the pussy with my cock, I_m cool with it.
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