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20 year old Andi denies she_s a tomboy, despite the nickname she_s given herself. Nooooo, she says, which seems to be her favorite word. I_d call her Andrea but she doesn_t like that either. But Andi is a great girl, a bit shy at first but that_s okay. She sets boundaries and is clearly not comfortable with herself, even though she has a killer body. If there_s one thing we learned here on ECG is that no matter how prettytight-bodiedhot a girl is, there are always self-confidence issues. Always. Sometimes a girl puts on a mask and we think she_s a stuck-up biatch, but in Andi_s case there is no such veil. She doesn_t quite know what to do when we start taking photos, and she is amused by the poses I have her get in to. She catches herself playing with her hair and makes a funny reference to being a stereotypical dumb blond Cali Girl. Andi is definitely not that. She can put her legs behind her head (well, kind of), and thinks nobody wants to see that. She giggles a lot, and claims it_s not because she_s nervous. She is not, she emphasizes. But she reveals to us that this is her first full-fledged porn movie so I bet there are some butterflies she tries to silence a bit with her laughter. During the interview we learn she pretty much lives at the gym or the beach, her two favorite places. She works out constantly (it shows), and prefers her men to be good looking too, so as not to be a hideous beach accessory. This is about as superficial as it gets with Andi, though. Before we started the video she said she_ll do what she_s told, and that_s what_s happening going forward. You_ll love the fact that Andi doesn_t fake anything. She_s not pretentously orgasmic, and when you catch her enjoy herself it_s real. She claims to not masturbate often so I_m trying out the Rabbit vibrator on her to see if we can coax an orgasm out of her. She_s torn between not liking it and cumming. I have her suck my cock while the toy is still doing its magic on her snatch and clit, and when I take it back out she is wet. She just giggles and tries to turn her head away with embarrassment but the cameras are everywhere so hiding is futile. After testing if she_s into rough sex like she alluded to (hint: she doesn_t hate the slapping), I take her doggy style, and this is where it gets interesting. When I pull her hair and ask her if she likes it she says no....unless I pull hard. So I do. But more revealingly is this: after thoroughly banging her on all fours, her pussy is so wet and comfy that I have to pull out or risk cumming early in her. And then she actually says with a smile Did you make a mess?, with enthusiasm and expectation. I tell her that I didn_t but now I know she WANTS me to cum inside her. Now, who am I do disappoint a young lady, right? After having her blow me some more, and suck on my balls (which she really didn_t want to at first for some odd reason), I have Andi ride me. We fuck long and hard in various variations of cowgirl until I shoot my cum inside her without telling her beforehand. Andi doesn_t protest or question it, she just lets me cum inside her until I_m completely spent. Cum is dripping out of her pussy and she seems elated to just have been inseminated by a stranger. Not a bad showing for her first time shooting a fuck flick. When we are done Andi asks if she can go pee now. For educational purposes I want to film her do it, and once again she thinks that_s weird. But she let_s me shoot it anyway. It_s a comfort zone test, and it_s biologically fascincating... plus I want to make sure she gets rid of my baby batter. Can_t be safe enough about this, right? Andi definitely went beyond her comfort zone today. I_m not sure we_ll ever see her again in another movie, but regardless of her future choices, Andi will do just fine in life. She_s smart, sets boundaries, and takes care of her body. If she just works on that self-confidence thing, she_ll do great. I_ll forward her your positive comments about her, so keep _em coming. - Steve
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