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Exploitedcollegegirls.com- Alejandra

So you_re sitting there, jerking off to the Alejandra video, and you_re wondering: how can a polite, friendly, and nice girl like that do such nasty, nasty things with a stranger on camera? The answer lies in the fact that today_s generation of 18 year olds isn_t like anything that came before. For example, Alejandra, despite her name and somewhat darker looks, considers herself just white, not of Latin heritage as I assumed. She also says _thank you_ after every compliment, no matter how small. She is sweet and polite - but also has no problems getting naked in my car within five minutes of meeting me. Better yet, Alejandra LOVES to suck cock. Loves it. And she is shockingly good at it. Sloppy, wet, and unbelievably intense, like she went to school to study the perfect blowjob. Grade A for that one. It_s been less than ten minutes since she got in my car and there she is, lubing my cock with spit and sucking on it with enthusiasm that would make Jenna Jameson proud. Once we get things going at the hotel we find out some things about Alejandra that, at first, confirm our world view of a typical eighteen year old: her favorite movie is some dopey comedy with a rapper whose name she doesn_t recall. She_s a bit self-conscious having her picture taken and is clearly new to the whole thing, but quickly warms up to the idea of being admired by thousands. But then we find out about her first sexual experience with a girl (shock meter rises again here), and more good stuff like that. Things really aren_t always what they seem with her generation. I ask her if she considers herself orgasmic and she says yes. We_ll test that in a moment, probably all BS, right? Well, no. Although my first attempt to make Alejandra cum fails, oddly enough when I have her ride the Sybian, usually a sure-fire approach to getting girls to orgasm. So I_m not wasting much time with the machine and instead have her lie down and spread so that I can dive my tongue into her pussy and ass and see about getting her off that way. And OMG, the heavens open up - watch Alejandra shake and orgasm so hard she can barely speak or move afterwards. Her pussy is so sensitive from cumming that she jerks away when I touch her. She is dripping wet, too. If you enjoy watching a girl cum, this one_s for you. Actually, the whole video is: Alejandra orgasms several times. You can confirm it_s real, too, just watch her body movements and facial expressions. Alejandra cums again getting fucked in Missionary, and again cums so hard it makes her twitch and wiggle around, her face flush and pussy and clit sensitive to the touch. I have her suck me off some more in between her orgasms (gotta let those girlie parts rest, you know?) and again she demonstrates the finest oral skills I_ve experienced in ages. BJ fans, this will become your new favorite movie. There is only one time when Alejandra_s attitude and enthusiasm drop and that_s when I shoot my cum over her hands after she gives me a handjob. Seems like she loves sex, is incredibly great at it, but the whole jizz thing just annoys her. If she can get over boy juice she could become a big pornstar one day. She is that good, and she truly loves sucking cock and cumming hard. Doesn_t matter today though because I already got out of her what I wanted at that point - lots of cocksucking, amazing sex, and multiple orgasms from an eighteen year old college freshman. All captured on three cameras to give you the best possible angles of the action. If you haven_t watched the entire movie yet, close your door, get the tissue box ready, and prepare to spend the next hour in orgasmic bliss. Hers AND yours. - S
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