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Lostbetsgames.com- Strip Cranky Canaries with Tiana and Chrissy

Two girls that we_ve seen before but never together, ebony amazon Tiana and spunky Chrissy, go head-to-head in this new game. Also starring:Red as the red birdJohnny as the yellow birdHippo as the black birdEach girl tries to launch her birds to knock down the pigs. When she succeeds, she strips a piece of clothing off the other girl. A few notes about this one: since this was the first time we used this game, we hadn_t yet figured out what the best rules to use would be, and we were tweaking them as we went. You_ll notice a lot of cuts this is us removing many minutes of assembling the structures. We slipped in a few rules changes along the way, which the girls didn_t always announce after we started rolling again. See how many you can spot. Anyway, I think this game will be a favorite once we_ve got all the kinks worked out. (And a few more kinks worked in, maybe.)
Tiana, Chrissy
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