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Exploitedcollegegirls.com- Tria - Behind the Scenes

Tria is _fresh_ in the truest sense of the word. She just turned 18 and enrolled in college. What better time than now to fuck up your life, right? And because Tria is determined to shoot her very first porno now either way, you and I might as well be the beneficiary of this, right? Even her boyfriend couldn_t talk her out of it, but then again from what she is saying, he doesn_t exactly mind the money (she thinks) she_ll be making. Oh, the hopes and aspirations of young ladies these days. Of course, sucking and fucking a stranger_s cock on camera wasn_t really what my peers were shooting for back then... But you_re gonna love this one. Tria really doesn_t know the first thing about the porno world. Or modeling, for that matter. Even when we are doing the photos she_s obviously totally unsure about what she_s supposed to be doing. But she takes directions fairly well and quickly learns what we want to see. She does have one thing going for her: she_s up for anything. When she steps out for a smoke break, the lack of coherent answers starts to annoy me but I_m not going to just stand around and watch her suck on cigarettes. No, she_s gotta suck on _something else_. And she_s down for it. Literally. Not only that, after she blows me a bit she doesn_t hesitate when I tell her to drop her pants, turn around, and let me fuck her from behind - right then and there in the backyard, with the neighbor_s window open. Kudos to Tria, she_s got the slut factor going for her already. Nice. When we do the interview thing upstairs, Tria is a lot more talkative and reveals enough about herself to make me realize just how _green_ this girl is. Of course I_m about to change all that... If you love watching truly innocent and inexperienced, barely legal teens grow up sexually in one afternoon, this one_s for you. The things she says, the awkwardness of everything she does - it_s fucking adorable, and one really can_t fake that stuff. Watch her reaction when I plaster her face with cum and you know this is the real deal. In the end it all was a bit much for her and I wouldn_t be surprised if this is the first and last time you_ll see this teen anywhere. Some girls just gotta learn the hard way...
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