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Taylor. I mean look at this girl It_s safe to say I love my job. Super skinny with fantastic natural 32C_s, I_m getting hard pretty much the second Taylor steps into my car. I_m picking her up from her parent_s house. Turns out I didn_t have to be so sneaky and park half a block away because...her Mom already knows (Taylor doesn_t reveal this little juicy tidbit until I drive her home at the end of the shoot) I know, you_re thinking there_s no way a girl tells her mom she_s doing porn. But times have changed, brothers. Porn is now the cool thing to do for a lot of these kids these days. Taylor says her Mom doesn_t approve but what is she gonna do about it, right? The outlook of bragging to her friends about being a pornstar (LOL) outweighs any fears of being shunned by the _rents. Taylor is not the first, nor will she be the last teen to do porn because it_s the it-thing to do these days. And I_m not complaining. There isn_t a moment when the girl doesn_t smile and giggle. It_s cute how she covers her mouth when she giggles after I_m saying something even remotely naughty. She clearly hasn_t been exposed to my type of sexual frankness, which just makes it all hotter. The interview questions reveal that she currently doesn_t have a boyfriend, masturbates a lot, and is as excited to fuck today as I am. Taylor_s boobies are making a nice big bulge in her white top (and my pants) and I can_t wait for her to show me her 2_s. That is about the hardest thing to get Taylor to do - after she takes off her top (and then her pants...OMG that pussy is inviting) our little Glendale Community College floozy becomes like putty in my hands. Read on... Taylor has that magical something that gets us guys in the mood with just her presence. You know what I mean just a few moments into the video. Usually there is a certain shyness barrier that must be broken. When cars drive by and Taylor realizes she_s being seen by strangers in all her naked glory, her initial reservations about nudity and sex seem to vanish. At that point I usually know I have the girls where I want them. The next step is to ask for Roadhead. If the girl moves her body toward me a little, I know it_s on - regardless of what they say at first. Such is the case with Taylor. I tell her how to best position herself in the car to suck on me, she thanks me with a hint of sarcasm in her voice, and then goes down on my already hard cock and starts sucking. And sucking. At first she only peeks at the camcorder_s monitor, as if she_s not sure she should be doing this and doesn_t want to see herself breaking those big, bad rules of proper behavior. But then she quickly becomes addicted watching herself give head, and she gets more and more in to it. Girls don_t think I notice that stuff but I do. It means I have a girl who is fascinated by watching herself have sex, which always makes for a great time. Her little pussy is juicing up as she is giving me head and I can_t wait to stick my rod in it to see if she_s really as tight as I think she is. At the hotel_s underground parking structure I test out my theory. It_s dark, there are people driving in and out, and the adrenaline is pumping in both of us. I have Taylor suck me a bit more before I finally get to guide my cock into that little snatch of hers - tight. And I mean TIGHT. We both are looking in all directions to make sure no cameras or curious guests are part of the action (actually, I personally don_t care and I think there was at least one security camera that captured us fucking but I didn_t tell Taylor that). There are people coming up at us so I don_t get to fuck her as long as I like, but that_s okay: I_m about to cum early, that_s how tight and wet Taylor is. She_s still giggly, nervous, and excited about it all. Sex in public is new to her, as are a lot of things we_ll be doing today, and you can tell she_s not sure if she should have just done that - but being naughty like that just feels too good to pass up. But all this is nothing compared to what we_ll be doing just a few minutes later when we go to my room and start the actual shoot. How far is our fun-size bang bag willing to go? You_ll have to watch the video to find out, although the clip screenshots below will give you an indication. Let me just say that Taylor does not disappoint. About anything. Taylor is eager to try everything out at least once. This includes licking my ass (so good) and having orgasms using toys, something she has not done before. Up until today, Taylor is about as sexually experienced as most 19 year olds. But when she leaves today she_ll have fucked harder, fucked more, and done dirtier stuff than most girls do in their entire lives. And she does it all with a genuine smile and excitement on her face. So without spoiling all the good parts, just go on and download the video right now. It_ll be the best 100 minutes you_ve spent all week and you deserve it so... have fun
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