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Some girls are so full of themselves that it_s a refreshing change when you meet someone who doesn_t think she_s God_s gift to the planet. 18 year old Savannah here has zero self confidence and soaks up every compliment I make her. She doesn_t know how hot she is, which of course makes her even hotter. And she_s quite the secretive one, very vague and short when I try to get her to talk about herself, like she_s in a witness protection program and hasn_t gotten her story straight yet. (Oh shit LOL....) She says she has a boyfriend, then she denies it, then she says she put on this wedding ring because she gets hit on too often by guys. Except that ring looks too expensive to be just a decoy...you know what I mean? Well, I shall say no more LOL. But there_s more mystery about her. On one hand she is incredibly shy and quiet. She doesn_t seem to be very sexually experienced (she hasn_t even experimented with girls yet), but on the other hand she does things no 18 (okay almost 19) year old should know how to do so well and so intuitively. And she creams up throughout the entire shoot - this girl really loves sex. I get her comfortable outside on the balcony. Just a bit of pussy peek n_ play is all it takes for me to get hard. Savannah doesn_t protest when I tell her to take little Steve out and suck on him right there on the balcony. I can feel her tense up a little bit but after just a few minutes she seems to be a lot more comfortable. I don_t leave it at that though and have her get up and bend over the balcony railing so that I can fuck her from behind while she looks on to the park and hotel guests that are passing by. That_s when I find out how tight her pussy is. Now that I know Savannah is game for having her envelope pushed, I pull out - just in time or that little magic snatch of hers would_ve sucked the baby juice out of me early. And housekeeping is knocking at the door so the timing really worked out here. Unfortunately that_s not the case a few minutes later when I try to lick Savannah_s pussy - *knock knock* housekeeping. Are you fucking kidding me?? They knocked on the wrong door. Savannah was really getting into it too so she_s not pleased by this interruption either. We continue back outside where Savannah lights up a cigarette. I lick her pussy while she smokes. Well, tries to smoke. She_s getting off and zones out to the point where her cig burns down to the filter. Yep, this girl really is into it. We continue our fuck session on the bed and let me tell you, Savannah is one of the greatest lays I_ve had in a while - and you know that_s saying something. I_m sure the girl really showed up for the money at first but there_s no denying she_s enjoying herself too. By the time I use the vibrator on her you can tell she_s in a different world. She_s so wanting to get off, so immersed in the experience, she almost comes across stoned or something. I don_t know if she_s so into it because she hasn_t had much sex before, or if it_s the situation, or whatever else...but it sure makes me feel good as a guy to make this little hottie squirm and cum and genuinely enjoy herself. I_ve lost count of how many orgasms she had. Quiet ones too because she_s so shy she doesn_t like to scream or act pornstar-ish during sex. She_s a pleaser too, and does everything I ask her to. Yes, THAT too. LOL. She even lets me kiss her while she_s riding my cock, something very few girls ever want to do with a stranger they fuck on camera. I_m sure Savannah would_ve counted this as one of her best experiences too but the cum facial pretty much fucked that up for her. It_s the first time she_s ever gotten cum on her face and she was not prepared for that. That is usually when reality sinks in for the girls and they realize they_ve officially just become porn whores for the world to jerk off to. For some girls this is still a club they don_t want to belong to and I guess Savannah is one of them. Too bad. Alright, enough from me - now grab your box of tissues and get ready for an hour and a half of passionate exploitations.
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