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Exploitedcollegegirls.com- Sabrina

She looks like that quiet, prude chick you know but Sabrina has her pussy and both nipples pierced, loves to give head more than anything else, and can cum 3-plus times in a row. She explains that she grew up in a very strict family and in fact only had her first sexual experience when she turned 18. But then apparently all hell broke loose and Sabrina has been trying to make up for lost sexual experiences ever since. We learn all about our 20 year old ASU coed (by way of Connecticut, I think) as she is putting on her makeup. I spy her great 34C_s and just now realize she has her nipples pierced. Sabrina confesses that she can orgasm if she gets her tits squeezed hard during sex. (I can confirm that...). Oddly enough, her pussy piercing doesn_t seem to help her enjoy oral. She says she doesn_t like guys going down on her because nobody_s doing it right. I try anyways for a bit and she seems to have changed her mind. That clit piercing annoys me though so I move on to the toys. That was probably the best idea I_ve had all day because Sabrina takes a liking to the vibrator (curiosly enough not the Rabbit though). She masturbates with the vibrator while she sucks my cock (good really fucking good). Sabrina orgasms so hard she squirts, and she_s quite proud of that fact. The problem is, Sabrina confuses pee with female ejaculation. I play along but quickly dispose of the liquid soaked pillow she squirted on. At least the girl got off hard. Sabrina claimed earlier she loves rough sex and all that. I_ve heard that before and it_s hit and miss if they_re just saying that or actually mean it. In her case it_s a bit of both. I fuck her hard and she gets off (I can feel it and you can see and hear it...). But stuff like choking doesn_t fly with her. Doesn_t matter, there_s some intense fucking going on. She says she_s lost count of how many orgasms she_s had, and, thinking about those tight pussy contractions, she_s not lying. I love making a girl cum, and Sabrina just makes this easy. You can see her face get flush, her nipples harden, and her skin get covered in goosebumps when she cums. Good stuff. She visibly enjoyed the romp and so did I. I don_t think we_ll see her again in any videos though, she_s not the type to do porn regularly. Hell, she hasn_t even filmed herself before. In an age of cell phone videocams that_s pretty rare. I love real amateurs like this...and I know you do too. - Steve
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