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We welcome back 18 year old cutie Roxi, and today she says she is ready to take it up the ass, just like she promised last time. I thought it was funny (and hot) that one of the reasons she_s here today is because her boyfriend is pissing her off and the thought of getting assfucked by a stranger is a great way to get back at him. Girls these days, right? LOL. Anyway, remember that during her first time on ECG Jay_s cock was simply too big for her to take it up her little bunghole too long. But she tells us she has been practicing at home by stretching her asshole every day and she is confident that today she can take Jay_s big meat stick up her ass without breaking into tears. Maybe even cum a little? We_ll see about that. But just to make sure, Jay takes extra steps to make sure Roxi_s tiny ass is as loose and ready as possible. First with fingers and then with increasingly larger toys, Roxi_s asshole gets probed and stretched and fucked up to the point where she orgasms. The little vibrator on her clit at the same time helps. She has orgasmed before from anal sex but it always requires some clit love too. She tells us when she cums and it_s hot watching our tiny 5_1 nugget orgasms with toys - and later, Jay_s cock - in her ass. Now of course this is unscripted, uncensored amateur stuff so not everything goes smoothly. After Roxi endures the gigantic dildo in her ass, she runs to the toilet thinking she_s about to have an...accident. When nothing happens she braves her way back to the bed to get Jay hard with her BJ skills and then finally get properly assfucked by his cock. Let the fun begin There are some moments where Jay_s big cock in her ass almost seems too much for her but brave Roxi manages to bite the bullet and keep going. She cums a few more times but the highlight is when Jay fucks her asshole as she_s on her back and BOTH have an orgasm at the same time. Watch Jay_s cock shake, quiver and shoot his load into her asshole before he pulls out and lets the whole semen mess drip out of Roxi_s ass. And it_s a HUGE mess of cum that makes its way out of her asshole. She later confides that she was surprised that she was able to cum with a cock in her ass, and her favorite position was being pinned down flat on her belly and having her ass drilled from above. Her facial expressions (picture in picture) tell us that_s true. Today_s Roxi video as lots of very hot teen anal action you_ll love. Enjoy
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