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Another great update with a young chick who actually likes being here. 19 year old Paris is fun, outgoing, and talkative, and next-door cute to boot. If it wasn_t for her outrageous claim of having had sex with over 70 guys (), she_d be about as normal as they come. I_m letting her remark slide as a temporary lack of judgment (she was probably just trying to impress you with that statement) so as not to spoil the wholesome view of the girl. I like to imagine that Paris is just a good girl gone bad today. Because let_s face it, when you watch her video - her first foray into the world of porn - she doesn_t exactly come across as a hardened pro. And we like that. This being her first time, Paris is understandably nervous. We get a bit of behind the scenes with Paris, a little interview and some clothing selections. She didn_t bring much so soon she is ready to start the fun in earnest. She_s lucky that her first on-camera adventure is with a good looking dude like Jay. You have really pretty eyes, she tells him in between camera setups. That_s why I_m looking at you all the time instead of the cameras, in case you_re wondering. Awwww, how sweet. As always on ECG, we get to know our whore de jour a little better during the interview. Other than her 70 guys remark there isn_t anything outrageously weird about her, Paris is your girl next door who just stops by for some fun and attention. She_s proud of her clit piercing (sorry - hood piercing) but doesn_t really know how it all works. Jay is hoping her piercing might help her cum quicker. We love watching girls cum, but Paris has a hard time letting herself orgasm, even with toys. They_re just not her thing and she points out how she would rather have Jay_s cock. So after a bit of fingering and vibrator play, Jay gives Paris her wish and lets her suck on him. I_m thrilled to see Jay took a page from my book and does the thing with her where he has her lay on her belly, and deepthroats her like that. Doesn_t go over all that well and there_s some gagging, but that_s okay. Pushing boundaries with our girls is what it_s all about. Jay tries to get Paris to cum in the next positions but she_s never quite relaxed enough to get there. She enjoys the fucking, for sure. But all those cameras and this being her first time, well, that_s a lot to process for a nineteen year old. One thing I want to point out before I let you go jack off to Paris_ video - there_s a MASSIVE creampie. Jay fucks Paris in missionary and right before he_s about to blow he just tells her he will cum inside her. Paris doesn_t object. Jay pulls out his cock slightly and then shoots his load straight into her gaping pussy Talk about insemination, right? He makes her push out his cum and I swear there_s a bucket load of jizz coming back out of her pussy. Probably one of the best creampies I_ve ever seen, and I_m so proud to have it happens on ECG. If you love watching pretty young girls get inseminated, this one_s for you. There_s a bonus outtake at the end which shows you that not everything goes as planned when you shoot a fuck flick. Funny stuff. Okay, now enjoy Paris - I sure did. - Steve
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