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19 year old Olivia is a petite little thing that comes to us all the way from Florida, home of face eating zombies, yes, but also liberal college girls with tight, tanned little bodies and perky A-cup tits. She_s the (urban) dictionary definition of _spinner._ You can tell right off that she_s college material when Jay asks her what her sexual fantasy is and she answers, Sex Take that, Ivy League Olivia doesn_t seem like a girl who says no to very much, so when Jay suggests that she take off her top and flash the passing drivers on their trip to the mall it_s no surprise that she_s halfway out of her shirt before he finishes the sentence. Once her cute little tits are out, it doesn_t seem like a stretch to ask her to strip off her pants and panties which she manages to do without even removing her seat belt. Safety first, people, safety first. Since she_s so agreeable, Jay challenges her to something she_s never done before: road head Olivia has no problem with that either and expertly wraps her little hand and mouth around his cock. Once they arrive at the mall (make-up time. She needs it.), road head evolves into full on car sex. The girl_s pussy creams up like somebody dumped a carton of milk on Jay_s cock. Good sign. After she gets her face made up it_s straight to the hotel for the main shoot. During the interview Olivia confesses that she loves to masturbate so much that she owns ten vibrators and that she dumped her last boyfriend because he was so bad in the sack. So today might just be a nice round of rebound sex. Yes Any girl that sexual has to be a blast when naked. As she strips off her clothes she reveals that she likes rough sex which inspires Jay to slap her tits to get things started. As he plays with her pussy she says she_s never orgasmed from a guy fingering her, which Jay takes as a challenge. It isn_t long before she_s cumming and panting into the camera. But the real fun begins with Jay brings out the gigantic blue dildo. Olivia is shocked when she sees the thing, but doesn_t protest (too much) when Jay makes her take it all. During the interview Olivia wasn_t very excited about either anal sex or even taking a toy in her ass, but after getting fucked with a dildo she_s so turned on that she doesn_t protest when Jay slips a finger in there, though she does admit that it feels, Unnatural. She surprises herself by her ability to relax and take a vibrator up there next, though barely. Olivia_s facial exppressions when she takes these toys in her pussy and ass are priceless so you_ll love the split screen here. After thoroughly stretching out her tiny holes, Jay has her drop to her knees and give him a great, slow BJ. Well, slow at first. Jay gets impatient and after all this is EXPLOITED College Girls, right? So there_s some extreme deepthroating and lots and lots of spit. The whole thing is so hot, I repeat the footage from all 3 cameras back to back for you. You just gotta see this mess. You_re welcome. The little moans and noises she makes are super hot and Jay just wants to fuck her. And so he does. Ooh that feels soo good she coos as he nails her. If a girl can talk in complete sentences when she_s getting fucked, then something_s wrong. So Jay turns her over and pounds her from behind. Hard. Hair pulling and all that good stuff. Hey, she asks for it. When all she can do is moan and pant, all is right with the world. Olivia confirms that Jay is fucking her better than her loser boyfriend. I would_ve blown my load right there, but Jay keeps the cock assault going for a little while longer. You can tell how much he had to hold back - you could probably take a ballistics report from that huge load of cum he plasters all over her face, hair, and tits. You_ll love these next 90 minutes with Olivia. She_s cute, does as she_s told, has her boundaries pushed A LOT, and in the end walks away (well, staggers...) with a face full of jizz and memories she will treasure for a lifetime. Or regret forever. Whatever. We got what we wanted. - S
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