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Nina drove up from Tucson_s University of Arizona to see us today, and she arrives fashionably late. There is no time to set up the cameras to catch any behind the scenes, of which there isn_t much today anyway because she already put on her make-up at home, and we breeze through the still photos in record time. A quick make-up touchup to boost her confidence, and that_s it, she_s ready to go. That_s fine because as soon as Jay got a peek at Nina_s fantastic 34Cs, he just had one thing on his mind anyway. (And yes, her rack is all real - hell, she_s only 20, and obviously doesn_t have the money for a boob job - and you can see and feel that. Blessed). Nina is not the type of girl who whores it up around campus, she hasn_t had a lot of guys in her life, and she keeps up her good, clean image at all times. Except today. Today she_s gonna go from masturbating to getting fingered and brought to orgasm by a good looking guy she_d never approach in real life, then she_ll suck his cock, fails at deepthroating, gets fucked, fucked some more, and fucked again - with her occasional orgasm thrown in - and then, despite her pleading with Jay not to get cum on her face, gets cum on her face. And her tits. And in her mouth. And her hair. Then she_ll drive back home feeling both elated and remorseful at the same time, and wondering if she got rid off all the cum in her hair before going to see to mom and dad. I don_t tell the girls the name of the site, so until her Facebook friends bombard her with OMG I saw u on Exploited College Girls-messages, she_ll probably think she_s fine. Nina is cute, a little shy, which just makes her cuter, hasn_t ever done anything like this before, and probably never will again. She certainly did enjoy her fuck session - except for one thing, as you_ll find out - but she_s just not the pornstar type. Just another normal girl who wants to have the experience, get a chance to cum, and have a dirty secret to drop on her parents during Thanksgiving dinner. That_ll teach _em for not setting up a college fund
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