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Exploitedcollegegirls.com- Nikki - POV

20 year old blonde haired, blue eyed Nikki moved into a nice house with her boyfriend, but was bored out of her mind. She wanted some excitement (and extra money), so she contacted me. I had her agree to masturbate on camera and we set up a shoot. She was having car problems, so I picked her up while her boyfriend was at work. I got her back to my place and told her that she can make more money if she did a sex scene with me. She went for it. She asked me where I was going to cum, and I told her on her face. She replied, I think it_s hot when a guy cums on my face My boyfriend won_t do that because he thinks it_s gross. She loved the cum bath I gave her After the shoot, I dropped her off down the street from her house. I wonder if she even showered before her boyfriend went down on her that night.
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