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Ambush anal 101: This week_s update is a little Feliz Navidad present to myself Niki is a 19 year old Latina spinner from USC that I get so turned on, she_s begging for my cock when I ass fuck her. While she looks innocent, she turns out to he extremely sexual and very pleasantly submissive. Throughout the entire shoot she doesn_t say no once, and tackles everything I ask her with enthusiasm. No matter how hard I fuck her, this dirty talkin_ little freshman enjoys getting fucked hard - in her ass and her pussy. During our in car conversation, Niki reveals that she_s only just lost her virginity 2 years ago and only given her first blowjob 1 year ago However, in that short amount of time she_s grown to really love sucking cock. Loyal viewers will know that this is always an invitation to one of my favorite road trip games: sucking Jays cock in the HOV lane Niki does NOT disappoint I have no idea how many dicks this beauty has sucked in the last 12 months but she_s really honed her craft, she_s amazing at it, licking from tip to base, great hand action, going right for the balls, serious deep throat skills. If Niki told me she_d been sucking dicks for 5 years straight I_d believe her. She reveals that sucking dick really turns her on and when I ask her to show me her pussy, she pulls her jeans and panties right down to show off a very cute, bare, slightly wet snatch. I change up the plan and pull over to a secluded spot where Niki can climb right on my cock and ride. I_m amazed at how tight her pussy is, even though it_s already wet, it just wraps around my dick and won_t let go. One fun discovery when Niki is riding my dick is that she_s a dirty talker. Just before we get busted for fucking in the car you can hear her say, Ooh that_s some good fucking cock If you are a fan of dirty talk, keep your ears peeled, Niki doesn_t disappoint.We get back to the studio and I have her pick up right where she left off - with her lips wrapped around my cock as she licks her own cum up. It_s pretty hot and she_s really into it. Just like many of these girls Niki claims she doesn_t use toys, which means she_s ripe for a vibrator induced orgasm and if there_s one thing I try for in every shoot it_s a real, amateur orgasm. I give Niki the magic wand and have her hold it on her clit while I finger her and sure enough, we find a real, genuine amateur orgasm. It_s clear by now that she_s really turned on, her pussy is gushing girl cum (I think these sheets are gonna have to hit the trash bin) and she_s panting and moaning, barely on the edge of control. Earlier, during our conversation in the car she said that she liked anal, but liked to save it for special occasions. Personally, I can_t think of a more special occasion than Niki_s first adult video, so while she_s getting off with the wand on her clit I drop a digit in the backdoor, to relax her. Once she_s into it I grab a toy and slide it in there and eventually she_s relaxed enough for me to slide my cock in that ass and fuck her. She loves it. I pull out after she cums again and I have her clean my cock off with her lips (she doesn_t hesitate), and then it_s back to work pounding that tight little Latina pussy. One of the best scenes is when I_m hitting her doggy style and you can see her perfect, round bubble butt jiggling with every hard thrust. I pull her hair and choke her and pound her pussy. One of the other cameras captures her face at the same time and her facial expressions are priceless. After a solid hour of banging her in every hole, both ends, from the front and the back, I have to bust a nut and Niki, like everything else, is game for a facial. I set her down on her knees and blast her. There is something really special about a submissive little nymph like Niki, she lights up the camera with her enthusiasm, so enjoy it. ***NEW STREAMING VIDEO PLAYER Simply click the WATCH FULL MOVIE NOW link or click the play button and the movie will instantly stream - on any of your devices (PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android) *** ***If you prefer to download the full video, just RIGHT-CLICK the DOWNLOAD FULL MOVIE link and select Save As (or similar wording depending on browser), and save to your computer.***
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