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How to make a college girl melt in three simple steps: One, get her comfortable and make her laugh. Our 20 year old Nica has a blast getting her picture taken, and Jay_s smooth advances and touches throughout heighten her anticipation. She craves the attention and loves feeling like a star for the moment. Two, let her talk about herself and steer the conversation towards sex but without sounding like a pervert college kid. During the interview Nica talks about her first time, her High School sex experiences, likes and dislikes, and what gets her off. Pay attention and remember the last part. Third, make her cum and enjoy herself to the point that she_s BEGGING for your cock. Soon Nica is putty in his hands. Done. Owned. Just about the perfect situation here with Nica: a pretty girl who has no intentions of becoming a pornstar and just loves sex for what it is, and doesn_t fake anything for the cameras. Not sure how Jay does it but yet again he gets our first timer to orgasm again and again with his magic. Nica is surprised when he makes her cum for the first time just by rubbing and fingering her. Add a vibrator to the mix and the fun keeps going. Jay keeps focused on her clit at all times, even when he fucks her, and that just pushes the girl over the edge every time. I can practically see her fall in love with the guy with every orgasm he gives her. You_ll see what I mean. Definitely a connection there. There_s lots of hot flirting and sex talk throughout the entire shoot. This stuff is real, and I love it. So will you. Nica is somewhat of a late bloomer sexually but now she_s making up for it with a vengeance. Actually, that_s not quite true because she has been dishing out blowjobs and let herself get eaten out since she was in High School. Virgin Slut she was called then. But no cock was allowed to actually enter her pussy until just recently. She may be enrolled at nerd haven Virginia Tech but, like Nica says, girls there often are just as horny and slutty as at any other college. And she proves the point. Judging by the video and from what Jay tells me, Nica is a great lay, but really what gets me going is how in the moment she is at all times. She is really into the whole thing and that just makes it so much better, doesn_t it? Other highlights: Jay_s insanely large cum shot covers Nica_s entire face and she doesn_t complain about it. That alone makes her tops in my book. Before that, as I mentioned, we get to watch her cum about a million times, and she gives head with lots of eye contact (you_ll love the POV). After the cum facial Nica wipes some of the remaining sperm off her face and rubs it around her pussy to masturbate with it. Natural lube, ya know? LOL. Really, the whole thing was absolutely brilliant to watch so that_s why Nica_s video is an hour and a half long. You won_t mind or notice, I promise. - Steve
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