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Monica is 18, already ruined her otherwise amazing physique with a gigantic tattoo, and has never experienced an orgasm. She is obsessed with Jersey Shore_s Pauly D. So what does that tell you? Right, issues. But what kind? I still don_t know. Monica is not what you_d expect from looking at her. She is very sweet, laughs a lot, and, shockingly, Monica is less sexually experienced than most girls her age - in fact, she only lost her virginity a few months ago. She says I am the second guy she has sex with. The fact that it_ll be captured for the ages on the Internet doesn_t seem to faze her. Clearly she wants attention. Well, she_s certainly going to get that now LOL. She says she thinks she orgasmed before, but turns out she has no idea how to get there. Her pussy does cream up a few seconds after I shove my cock in her, and she_s definitely enjoying sex. Having her pussy licked is not her thing at all, and even my trusty Rabbit vibrator doesn_t do anything for her except make her giggle because it tickles. I know that oftentimes the tickling is a sign that orgasm is about to occur in a girl. It requires of her to be tuned in to her body, and get past the tickling. But letting go is not Monica_s strong suit. Yet. At least she never pretends to like something when she doesn_t. You know exactly where you stand with her. So what_s her favorite sexual thing to do? Be on top during sex. And she is surprisingly good at sucking cock. She does that thing to the tip of my cock with her mouth that just makes me want to jerk off just thinking about it. And she swallows my cum without me asking her to. Not sure if she just watched too much porn or she truly does like doing it, like she claims. Either way, hot stuff. She laughs when I tell her to stay put with her cum covered face so that I can take pictures of her, like it_s the weirdest thing she_s ever heard of. Yes, Monica tries to look hardcore but she really is one of the more innocent young ladies on here.
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