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Can I interest you in a feisty Puerto Rican girl today? Well, right along this way then. Tell you what, we get a lot of latinas sending in their applications. But there was just something about Mimi that made me say yes immediately. I_m glad I did. The chick is great, not only does she have a killer body with one of the greatest set of natural tits I_ve ever seen, she_s also a boat load of fun. Just listen to her truly shocking pre-college sex story (I can_t divulge too much here, you_ll know why when you watch the video) and you know what I mean. Not condoning what she_s saying here but you get an idea of her personality. She_s...ummm...out there, for sure. Once you recover from what she_s telling us about her pre college days, we learn a little more about her during the interview segment. But Mimi is hot and ready to get going, and the topic is masturbation - so we don_t want to waste too much time talking. Jay has a surprise for her - the Sybian. It_s a high powered machine made solely to make a girl cum. It works almost every time and in Mimi_s case it works several times. She_s not sure at all about the thing at first but just a few seconds of the toy rotating and vibrating in her pussy and Mimi is cumming. You_ll love watching her surprised facial expressions when she cums again and again. She makes herself cum one more time, this time with the vibrating cock attachment on her clit. She is working on another orgasm when Jay walks up to her with a hard-on and without saying a word, Mimi starts sucking him off while she keeps riding the Sybian. You wanna see some enthusiastic cocksucking skills? Watch Mimi do her thing. She gags herself until tears stream down her face. If I don_t have tears in my eyes, I_m not doin_ it right, she says. What a girl It_s straight-on enthusiastic fucking from here on out. Mimi turns up the volume to 11 and at times I_m thinking she_s trying to be a pornstar, what with all the screaming and moaning. But then you see her pussy juices soak Jay_s cock and you know this girl is cumming for real. Personally I love watching her facial expressions and her tits bounce when she gets fucked hard. Jay gets pretty creative and even Mimi is surpised at some of the things he does to her to get her off. After a truly energetic fuck session, Jay unloads a huge wad of cum into her mouth, over her face, and all over her tits and hair. That_s the best sex I_ve ever had, she confesses in the end, as she wipes off her semen covered face. Judging by her facial expressions, her enthusiasm, and her many orgasms, I think she_s telling the truth.
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