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Michelle didn_t want her parents to find out that she was about to go fuck a stranger on camera, so she had me pick up her sweet 18 year old ass at the strip mall. A welcome change from the girls who tell their mothers about their new whore hobby, like we_ve had here recently. Once trapped inside my slut mobile I begin unwrapping Michelle down to her naked core, in more ways than one. Without spoiling the surprises let me just say Michelle is much more how a barely legal girl should be: cute, a little shy, not overly experienced sexually but eager to try new things. For example, Michelle has never used toys to masturbate but she does play with herself to orgasm at least once per day. It_s little things like that she reveals about herself that get my cock hard while driving. Michelle is easy and naive enough to do pretty much what I tell her to, so when I ask her to start sucking my cock while I_m driving she does so with just a tinge of hesitation. It_s good to be naughty and do dangerous things every now and then. In what is a First even for me, I have Michelle fuck me for a while in the car. She_s not exactly hating it and I can tell you that sugar snatch of hers almost had me explode right there in the car. Okay, starting to run out of space again here so let me just point out some of my favorite highlights here and then let you go spank your meat to Michelle in peace. Facial expressions. Man, there_s nothing hotter than watching a girl_s true, uninhibited expressions of surprise and pleasure. For example, our 4-foot, 11-inches sex doll says she_s not all that into having her pussy licked but I imagine - correctly as it turns out - that_s largely because she_s never been eaten out properly before. Watch her face light up with surprise and bewilderment when I delve into her little cunt and ass. Yeah, she_s into that now. I_ve mentioned the toy situation to you before and I bet you_ll squirt off just by watching her orgasm during her first vibrator experience. I almost did. I could go on and on about Michelle and everything that happens here, but I let you see for yourself now. If it_s hard, dirty, and not something a 18-year old should be doing, she_s doing it. There_s really a lot of hot stuff going on here and I have a feeling you_ll be watching Michelle_s blossoming more than once. It_s an hour and a half stuffed with sex and teenage awkwardness, and you won_t find it anywhere else. Enjoy
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