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You_ll love this: Mariah tells me in the car she_s here today to get fucked by a guy with a big dick because her hometown is full of pencil dicks (sorry Albuquerque). The kinky stuff she says all while keeping her shy and quiet demeanor gets my dick hard. Like when she admits she likes being spanked, I list off a few things trying to shock her: face fucking, choking, slapping, ass play... and she not only agrees to all of it but when she pulls off her panties her pussy is already wet at the thought of it. This is why I like picking up these girls from the airport. That, and the ensuing roadhead that I talk them in to 80% of the time. Mariah is a puzzle I want to solve: she_s dressed like a preacher_s daughter when I pick her up, but as soon as her panties come off she_s spreading her pussy like a centerfold, showing off creamy chunks as proof how turned on she is by all this. When pull my dick out for some road head, she goes right for it, flicking her tongue stud over my hard-on and licking spit off like she_s trying to polish it. I practically have to pull her hair to get her head off my cock. And then as soon as I touch her pussy, she bites her lip and rolls her eyes back like she_s on the edge of orgasming. Ah I_ve solved it, she_s a classic sub. The more I treat her like a little fuck puppet, the harder she gets off. I can do that After breezing through the pics (more revelations from Mariah) and the intro, I can_t wait to make this closet slut mine. Her pussy is still wet from the ride, so I grab the Rabbit and go to work on her. Her pussy juice is covering the vibrator, she gets close and squirms and begs me to make her cum, then completely loses control, cummig over and over. After several loud, (literally) wet orgasms I order her to drop to her knees and suck my cock. I grab her head and choke her a few times until she chokes a bit, but she_s not giving up. She_s so into it, she doesn_t hesitate when I flip her over onto the bed and throat fuck her until I almost burst. Mariah takes every inch. After I gag her a few times, I finally give her that hard fucking she_s been wanting and you can really tell she_s into it, between panting, moaning and dirty talking, she_s rubbing her pussy and begging me to fuck her harder. I get a good rhythm and Mariah cums several more times. I get her from the front, from behind with a toy in her ass, and then she rides me in reverse cowgirl where she wiggles her hips like a pole dancer on my dick. Then I throw her down and choke her as I get her from the side where she begs me to smash that pussy. It_s pretty bizarre hearing this shit from such a seemingly innocent girl. What a turn-on I want to keep going forever but I_m about to pop so I make her cum one last time, and then have her drop to her knees for a huge facial. What a dirty girl Lots of orgasms, enthusiastic fucking, dirty talk, all coming from a girl you could live next door to. Enjoy - I certainly did - Jay DOWNLOAD or STREAM Mariah_s video Just click the big picture with the Play button or click the Watch Full Movie Now link to watch video immediately. Right-click and Save-As the Download Full Video link to download the video and keep forever.
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