Exploitedcollegegirls.com- Mandi and Kristina - Photoshoot - Behind the Scenes


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Exploitedcollegegirls.com- Mandi and Kristina - Photoshoot - Behind the Scenes

ECG CLASSIC, earlymid- 2000s
Mandi and Kristina are back You loved the behind the scenes footage of Bianca, so I decided to give you a taste of what went on before the twins sex scenes. There_s alot of candid discussion about the shoot, how they_re feeling and what is going on in their minds before they are to be unleashed on camera for the first time. The giggly sisters shave their pussies in front of each other and have alot of fun joking around with me. During the photo shoot we talk and they reveal very personal and surprising details about their real personal lives Things that they should never tell anyone They must have felt comfy ) So, after that I told them that I_d edit out those parts of the video. Well, I didn_t. They had no idea that these parts of the video would ever be seen by the public, lol. This is raw nervous energy at it_s finest
Kristina, Mandi
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