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Exploitedcollegegirls.com- Maelynn and Miranda

These M & Ms melt in your mouth AND in your hands. A lot has changed since the last time these two candies made life palatable by appearing on ECG. The yellow treat (Maelynn) has longer hair now, the brown one (Miranda) now has a huge set of tits - but most importantly, this time around we got them both together in one tasty snack pack. There is so much happening in this video that it_s impossible for me to list it all in a few short sentences. You have to watch this movie to really appreciate the debauchery going on here. We start out nice and slow, Maelynn watches her first ECG video while Miranda peeks at it from behind while she gets her makeup done. Maelynn snickers and blushes at the things she does on screen - which is nothing compared to what she_s about to do later today. Our blonde nympho is fired up about the prospects of fucking a girl for the first time while enjoying Jay_s cock at the same time. Miranda is a lot more nervous about it all. It_s also her first time with a girl - lots of other firsts, actually - so we_ll see how all that goes. The girls look smoking hot and we can_t wait to get these two on the bed together. Jay gets them comfortable and naked, there_s some flirting and nervous giggling...and Maelynn all of a sudden starts unpacking the Sybian machine, which is stacked away in a corner and which we hadn_t even thought about using today. Apparently Maelynn is kinkier than we are because not only does she go on about how great it is, she also talks Miranda into riding the orgasm beast. But not before she cums on it herself, with Miranda on the controls. We just go with it and let Maelynn and Miranda cum on the Sybian. Miranda is shocked at how quickly she is forced to cum, Maelynn on the other hand is ready to get some real cock action. Like, NOW. Maelynn is the driving force here and initiates most of what_s going on, all while grinning from ear to ear and beaming with joy, Miranda gets pushed outside her comfort zone on more than one occasion, and Jay can_t believe his luck getting to experience it all. There is cock sharing,girl-on-girl action, pussies get fucked and asses fingered and licked, (usually all at once) and faces get covered in cum...There is SO much happening between Maelynn, Miranda, and Jay, I don_t know where to start. So I won_t. Unbelievably hot stuff going on here. Don_t watch this video until you stacked up on new boxes of tissues. You_ll need _em. In case you missed their first shoots, click their profiles.
Maelynn, Miranda
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