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20 year old Madison is a feisty one. There_s definitely some power struggle going on between us, but I_m determined to make her my fuck puppet and do what I want. She insists on taking a shower before we get started and she refuses to let me film her pee. She_s being kinda mouthy and I know I need to show her who_s boss right now. I tell her to hurry up her cleansing ritual, we have a porn movie to shoot after all. When she steps out I have her dry off her feet, and while she_s down there she can suck my cock. When she starts kissing me I know her tough exterior is just an act and she_s really just waiting for me to take the reigns. And so I do. After some cocksucking I bend her over the bathroom sink and fuck her doggy style, which she enjoys immensely until she burns her arm on her curling iron. I keep fucking her anyway. That amazing ass of her just looks to good with my cock in it. We do the interview portions before and after because she_s not a talker and it takes a while for her to admit to her sexual exploits and preferences. But we get there eventually.Once on the bed we both start laughing hysterically after I start the intro with what Madison finds to be the creepiest thing anyone_s ever approached her with. When the laughter subsides we start the segment again and from there on out it_s pretty smooth sailing. I get her off with the vibrators and she gives me another great blowjob and - surprise - even licks my ass. I didn_t expect this from her, she kinda seemed the too good for that- type. But it turns out Madison really likes to please. We hit a bit of a roadblock when I fuck her so hard in doggy style that her pussy literally gets raw. So doggy is intense but short. We end up fucking with Madison on top, which is her favorite. She grinds my cock with so much enthusiasm that it takes me every ounce of willpower not to pop early inside her. I know that would have been a deal breaker. But I guess I_m a pro now and awesome pussy or not, I manage to keep my wits about me me and finish her off with a massive firehose cum facial. Well, most of it goes in her mouth so it_s not really a _facial_ per se LOL. While I_m cumming, Madison all of sudden moves her head forward and sucks on my balls to intensify my orgasm, then moves her head sideway to that any cum still shooting out of me end up on her face. Good girlMadison is a strong willed young person who knows what she wants. But so am I. I_m glad she stopped by do to her first porn movie with me, but I don_t see her do any more of this kind of work. Most pro porn guys simply wouldn_t put up with her. Thank goodness I have a few thousand members here on ECG who got my back and I keep that in mind when tries to give me lip. In the end she_s a cum covered blonde fuck doll with a raw pussy, and a sex tape she can show off when she gets that Hollywood actress thing she so desperately wants off the ground. Not sure about that but hey, good luck with that, Madison. - Jay
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