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18 year old nervous Laila is a cute little girl with a background in jazzhip-hoptap dancing - and her body shows it She was living with an old couple and wanted to get her own place, so she needed money fast. I didn_t think she was coming to the shoot because when I called her the day before to confirm, her fucking cell phone service was shut off. She didn_t have any money to pay her bill I hoped for the best and waited for her to show and just when I thought she was flaking on me, she rolled up in her hoopty. It was all down hill for her after that ). She smiles alot in her video and takes a load across her body up to her hair and ear the first time I came. Then, she looked like she took a cum shower after I blew on her the second time. Shot in both POV (Point Of View - EG: shot as if you, the watcher, had experienced and filmed the happenings) and Movie View (The classic style showing the interaction between me and Laila). Cheers
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