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Kyle. Who the fuck gives their daughter a guy_s name? Parents who wish their girl had popped out a boy, that_s who. I guess it_s a cultural thing. Kyle is a rare Korean-Native American mix. Okay, Megan Fox she is not, but just wait. Kyle has one major thing going for her and that_s how rediculously turned on she gets when she gets fucked. At first it was like pulling teeth with her - super shy, hard to get any answers out of her during the interview...you know the drill. She admits she is really nervous because this is the first time she_s ever done anything like this before, plus she hadn_t had all that much sex in her life yet. And I believe her. Let_s just say I actually have to talk her through giving a proper blowjob or I_d get my dick chewed off. Maybe that_s one reason she and her boyfriend are currently on, shall we say, chilled terms. But to my delight I discover that Kyle, despite the initial I don_t care about all of this-facade, gets really turned on, especially the harder I handle her. Turns out I found myself a rather submissive little Asian coed. And you know what that means - I_m always game for some extreme action. So yes, Kyle gets dripping wet. And I_m not just saying that - there is plenty of gooey white pussy cum coming out of her that proves my point. You can kinda see some of it in the screen shots and the photos, but wait until you see Kyle in action. When she rides my cock it_s like someone opened up a can of Cinnabon frosting in her snatch. My cock gets fucking covered in her pussy juices After getting her pussy creamed up I have to take a break from fucking her or I_d blow my load right inside her. So what do I have the girls do when I don_t want to fuck? That_s right - they have to lick my ass. Being the submissive type, Kyle fights her aversion and goes to town on me, deep tongue and everything. I hold and guide her head as she rims me out while she_s trying to hide the disgust in her face. Yeah she_s one of those girls who_ll do stuff they_d absolutely regret and will never do again, but luckily this one_s on film. Forever. I have my buddy help film while I pound Kyle as she_s on her belly. When I saw that footage later I realized Kyle_s not enjoying that at all. I didn_t know it_s that painful because, hey, it felt fucking great to me Whenever I keep myself from cumming a few times, my jizz loads tend to be massive. And to Kyle_s delight (LOL), this time_s no different - I shoot a huge load of cum over her face, into her mouth, and in her hair. You know it_s a lot when little cum bubbles form as the girl tries to breathe. Ah, classic. So to sum it up: hardcore fucking, pussy cum, a bit o_ pain, and a big cum load from three camera angles. That_s Kyle for ya today. You_re welcome. - Steve
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