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Exploitedcollegegirls.com- Kara - POV

19-year-old Kara hails from the Sunshine State were she attends the University of South Florida in Tampa. Kara has a kick ass body that she kept in shape by being a student-athlete in high school and was on the swim team and ran track. Well athletics and studying this time did not keep this little young tart from choosing the wrong path in life and doing something that every parent dreads... sucking dick and fucking on camera Sorry mom and dad Well, what do you expect from a young girl who likes guys in their 30_s and 40_s. Kara reminded me of Brittany Spears by how positive and upbeat she was from the moment she walked into my place. She stated that she goes to Clearwater a lot to the restaurants on the beach and to the Malls to shop with her girlfriends. She even has a crush on the UPS delivery guy that is always at the mall but stated she is to shy to talk to. If he only knew. Kara is definitely a pleaser and one of those hot girls that does not know she is so she thinks she has to do things to make people like her. So not wanting to put the opportunity of using and abusing a young and insecure girl to waist, I fully exploited that weakness. For some reason, girls that come from a different state always think that no-one will see them getting the shit fucked out of them on camera. I have news for you honey...everyone_s going to see you Cheers Steve
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