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I didn_t think I_ll be fucking a Muslim girl at the airport parking lot five minutes after meeting her when I got up this morning. I didn_t know about her background or religion or any of that stuff, just what little information she gave about herself when she sent me her pictures a few days before. You_ll be as surprised as I was when you hear Kali tell her stories about almost being arrested for just walking with her boyfriend in (guess the country Nope, not that one), her strict family, and her early sexual experiences. This is a very long video because Kali is just a boatload of fun and therefore we do a lot of stuff. A LOT of stuff. She is still genuinely naive about a lot of things concerning sex, but not in a dumb sort of way. In fact, Kali is bright, extremely outgoing, and (obviously) fun loving. Up for anything, as you will find out now. But she asks questions like what certain positions are called. There are moments when she gives head where it_s clear she doesn_t know quite what to do, but she does learn quickly. She doesn_t know what the word foreplay means. You_ll literally watch her mature sexually in this movie. She has never masturbated with toys before (in fact, hasn_t masturbated much at all) which makes for a very entertaining Rabbit session. (Hint: she now wants one. Hint 2: orgasms) She honestly believes nobody will ever see her video because she doesn_t really understand how big this whole porn thing is. She is doing this not for the money but for the experience. And she is getting a lot of that today, for sure. She says she doesn_t want to grow old without having tried everything and I think the oppressive upbringing helped to make her far more curious and willing to experiment with sex than the average girl. When you grow up being told sex is bad, chances are you_ll push the envelope further than most. Such is the deal with Kali. So I guess in a way I have to thank her parents for that because this day with Kali is one that_ll stand out for the ages. You know it_ll be a good day when the girl you are picking up from the airport agrees to blow you before even getting to the car. I just ask her if she liked sucking cock, she says yes, and I say then let_s do a bit of that right now. Sure enough, she_s on her knees, gobbling my cock, with nothing between us and the other travelers than the parked cars. Kali is turned on and wet (Yes) so naturally I have to acquaint my cock with her pussy - planes and travelers rushing by (hopefully) none the wiser. So that_s the first few minutes and it just gets better from there on out. Kali has no problem taking off her top in the car to make the initial interview more tasty as we drive to the hotel. The shit she says is highly entertaining, almost as fun as playing with her great little boobies. I can only take so and so much craziness though, and besides some of the sex stuff she talks about makes me hard again, so I have her give me head again while I_m driving. It seems the naughtier the better for her, her face literally lights up when she performs oral on me in this admittedly dangerous situation. There is this one thing she does with her mouth that almost sends me over the edge and I have to fight hard not to cum and crash. While she never actually says it out loud, the look and eagerness on her face seem to ask what_s next? Let_s do more of that the entire time. This girl is really wanting to become a sex queen. Good for her and I_m glad I can help. At the hotel I have her pick out the clothes she wants to wear and ask her more about her background, sexual preferences, and so on. Then she takes a smoke break outside and I explore her some more. Since she enjoyed the risky suck and fuck earlier I decide to do it again now on the patio. Once again she is more than happy to unleash the inner whore and let go of those restrictions from the past. After a bit of cocksucking I take her doggy style and she loves it. Not sure if she enjoys my cock more than the fact that she could be seen by unsuspecting hotel guests any moment. Hey everyone look at me fucking a stranger No more good-girl. From what she tells us earlier she is used to big cocks so it_s probably the latter. Either way, her pussy is soaked with bright white pussy juices when I finally pull out. Now it_s time to get inside and fuck the shit out of this little package of fun (and go to Hell in the process)... If you like your ECG _ enthusiastic and eager to please, and learn about sex, Kali is your girl. You can feel good dedicating that extra space on your hard drive to this video because it_ll serve you for a long time to come.
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